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    Just accumulated enough corn oil to make a batch. Should make about 30 gal' when done. Any one else making there own. I' been at it for five years and mix at 20% with no trouble. LIFE IS SHORT FLY FAST
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    Oil for Older Tractors?

    Non detergent oil is for air cooled engines. It leaves higher film on cylinder walls to help with cooling.
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    Boy if the EPA gets all nerved up about a little diesel on the ground.Thay should look at some of the Trucking companies around here.Thay just used the ground to dump their oil or what ever.
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    Any way to get rid of termites in the ground just poured diesel an a railroad tie post. Getting old finding this pest even under rocks.
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    Dead Twins

    Ifeel darn lucky,Had a cow give me twins two days ago. So far both are sucking and are 50lbs. Last year she had twins and we had to bottle feed one. I really don't care for twins ether.
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    subsoiler on pasture

    This is something I did Three years ago.Then a drought hit,Killed Just about all the grass every where I went. About 10" on each side of the cut.
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    Calving pic's

    Thanks. She likes the brown calf.
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    Calving pic's

    Looking for the calving pic's to show my granddaughter. any help.
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    just put 6 truck loads on top then turn it in.Thay say E coli is gone in two to three months.
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    Dodge 3500 A\T

    Crack seal in shifter module. Just fix one. Try changing oil first.
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    Lug Nuts Loosening

    Had a GMC a few years back and two wheels started to loosen. Try for a month to keep them tight. Had to go and buy new wheels to put a stop to it.Price-e
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    lost tractor key

    Lost a key to my ford 2000. I just grabbed a lift truck key and used a little colored wax and made my own with a file.
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    Winter in Missouri

    When I live in the U. P. of Michigan all you got was two weeks of poor sledding for summer.
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    Cost of fuel in your area?

    Some guys I know say thay fluff the gas at there refinery. Wounder what is going on there?
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    Cost of fuel in your area?

    2.99 for off road Diesel today. 12/30/2010
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    Maybe Start out with this ? 16.75 Acers Barn and house ?

    By all means start out with what you can afford. If you can let the land rest the first year, And put down a little grass seed.
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    Eliminating common bermudagrass pasture

    My truck goes 10 miles per hour faster. With that music.
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    Eliminating common bermudagrass pasture

    O yea county ext. office told me good luck!
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    Eliminating common bermudagrass pasture

    I used two quarts per acre. start in August and spray every three weeks. Did this four times killed 95%. I hate Bermuda grass the ladies will not touch it ( yes thay are spoiled) and it will grow and cover any thing on the ground.
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    Castration - What age and method is best

    I try to band at one week. Takes the edge off I think when they get older. I also get about seven to fifteen cents a pound more then my neighbor. I also use the bands.