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  1. skyline

    Just checking in...

    Howdy folks. Just checking in. Haven't been on here in a a few years and wondering how many of my old buddies still hang out here and how they're doing. Hope all are well. I'm still cruising along in beautiful NE Texas. Still have my little herd of Beefmasters. Sold calves a few weeks ago -...
  2. skyline

    TAMU vs tu Thanksgiving evening

    Anybody else planning to watch it this evening? 7 pm on ESPN.
  3. skyline

    Cajun Microwave?

    Anybody have one of these? How would it work for cooking a turkey? ... ata_player
  4. skyline

    Howdy old friends

    Well, I checked in today for the first time in a very very long time and instead of lurking, I figured I would say howdy to my old friends. What have I missed over the last year or so? Somebody want to catch me up real quick? :D
  5. skyline

    Southwestern blackeyed peas

    Blackeye peas, onion, tomato, garlic, cilantro, pepper sauce, jalepeno. Not to bad, but you could make it better by adding salt and plenty of ham chunks.
  6. skyline

    TAMU vs Georgia, Independence Bowl 2009

    I'll be there with the family supporting my Ags this afternoon. Anybody else headed to the game?
  7. skyline

    Handgun Preferences

    Looking to get a new handgun for the wife and I to share. Basically home defense only. Not for concealment. We're looking at a Glock 9 mm, a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, and a Springfield XDm 9mm. Any opinions? Any other options that we should be looking at?
  8. skyline

    Memories of First Paying Job?

    Was thinking about my first real job today. Between my freshman and sophmore years in high school in the mid 70's. Worked for a locker plant in my hometown. I helped grind hamburger meat, make sausage, slice bacon, and wrap cuts of meat after the butcher cut them on the band saw. I also went...
  9. skyline

    Big Adventure Today

    Went riding this afternoon with a buddy and everything was going good till we got off the horses to fix a fence. The old mare I was riding decided she had done enough, quit us, and went running off toward home with the other gelding in hot pursuit. The both headed towards some wood behind the...
  10. skyline


    At the risk of losing my mancard, I'd like to ask a question. Does anyone on here use a breadmaker? I bought one the other day and we're giving it the maiden run tonight. About 2 hours into the 3 hour process and I think I am an absolute failure... It's not looking anything like bread yet...
  11. skyline

    Discussion Topics - What's Off Bounds on this Forum

    OK, I've been on this forum on and off for a while now. I appreciate this board and the abilility to connect to others around the world that share my interests. I enjoy the folks on here and I enjoy the discussions. But I have a question. I don't understand what qualifies and doesn't...
  12. skyline

    September 1999 Article in the New York Times ... wanted=all No comment. I'll let the article do all the talking.
  13. skyline

    A Big Weekend Ahead

    For all you praying folks, please remember us this weekend. :) We're hosting ten 9th grade boys from our church youth group at our home for a weekend of fun and discipleship. Our church youth group does this one weekend a year and it is a highlight of our year. About 36 hours of excitement...
  14. skyline

    Putin's Opinion of Market Intervention It appears that Russia's leader has become a bigger free market advocate than the elected leaders of the US. This is one of the most ironic events of my lifetime. Here's the interesting part of V. Putin's recent speech.... Excessive...
  15. skyline

    Details on how to implement a freezer beef program?

    I've enjoyed the posts on the topic "how do you make a profit in this market". I didn't want to hijack that thread, but I think a lot of us are interested in selling direct (freezer beef) and some of you are already doing it successfully. I'd sure like to see a good discussion of the ins and...
  16. skyline

    marliss no till drill?

    Does anyone have any experience with a Marliss no till drill? A fellow has a used 10' drill for sale locally. Wants $3k for it. Says it's in good condition, has been shed stored, bought it used, doesn't know the age, and used it last year on his pastures. Says it has dual boxes (one for...
  17. skyline

    Soda Tax? Yet Another Reason...,2933,472313,00.html See my new signature below for feelings on this issue....
  18. skyline

    Herding Cats - Don't Watch This With Your Mouth Full! Not sure how old this is or if it has been posted before. Saw it at some friends last night and about choked on my pie!
  19. skyline

    Texas High School Football State Championship Games

    "5" East Texas Teams to Play for State Championships next weekend... Longview, Sulphur Springs, Carthage, Daingerfield, and Cayuga will play for their respective state championships next weekend. If you'll allow me to brag... I graduated from Carthage and we live outside of Longview. Next...
  20. skyline

    Prolapsed Uterus

    Well dangit. Spent Sunday evening with the vet putting one of my cows back together again. She was one of the first calves born on my place. Had done a good job raising her first calf. About 5 months pregnant with her second calf and then she prolapsed on me. And she was one of my...