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    Brahman Farm Website

    Very nice Brahman cattle!
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    Cowboy sales

    The only incident I had with them was when I called on some Brahman they had advertised as polled. I was told that there are no polled Brahman and that I was mistaken. I understand that polled Brahman are hard to come by, but I tried to get on the subject of the cattle because I didn't care if...
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    Cowboy sales

    I dealt them with a little while I was looking for my Brahman cattle. With the cattle selling through a broker they were a little higher than the other cattle that I looked at.
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    Um, all you cattle sellers out there.

    You will also want to cover what color your corral is painted, the manufacture and model number of your squeeze chute. Since you need all this to ear tag and the only ranchers that ear tag are the ranchers that handle their cattle.
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    How big is your operation?

    300 acres, My grandpa has 50 head of Brahma cross cows and I run 4 head of Brahman(soon to be more). And as far as scars go I only have one ranch scar and that is a 8 inch scar on my arm from a barb wire fence.
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    First 4 cows

    These 4 don't have a wild streak in them. I don't keep anything that is wild and wants to jump fences. Of all the different breeds of cattle that my grandfather has run over the years, the only problems with wildness came from Limousin.
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    First 4 cows

    The two oldest are bred to a registered gray brahma bull. I am going to AI the other two when they come into heat to a registered Red Brahma bull. Later on down the line once my herd gets a between 15-20 I am going to purchase a JD Hudgins gray bull or a Locke(Red Brahma division of JDH) bull.
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    First 4 cows

    Last sunday I took delivery on my first cattle. My grandfather runs 50 head of Brahma cross cows and I have helped him take care of them. He allowed me to start my own herd on the side. I bought 4 head of Red Brahman, 3 are registered and one is not registered(with horns). My dog...
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    HR 875 Be very afraid

    :shock: , that is not supposed to be "shocked" as the smiley says its more like oh S***
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    Looking for Brahman

    I looked through the classifieds and didn't find anything that I liked.
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    ABBA Members

    I wanted to talk to some members of the American Brahman Breeders' Association about membership. If you are a member please send me a PM.
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    Looking for Brahman

    I am looking to purchase 3-5 Registered Red or Gray Brahman heifers. Preferably in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Missouri, or Northern Louisiana/Texas.