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  1. DitchBank

    How long before you stop using elastrater?

    Just wondering on a calf, how long before you stop using a standard (green round elastics) to castrate a cow? As long as you can get them in will they still work well?
  2. DitchBank

    Grain Pellets and deer

    I bought a trailer full of grain this week for fattening up a cow and was wanting to use small amounts of it to get deer in front of my trail cam, but the problem is the grain has pellets in it, I think they have to do with stopping from bloating a cow but I can't remember exactly what they told...
  3. DitchBank

    Dry areas

    I have some areas in my pasture that really no matter how much I try I can't seem to water. These areas also have some (not a whole lot) of alkali and grow nothing but some salt grass. The only water these areas get is basically rain and melting snow (I live in Utah) just wondering what I could...
  4. DitchBank

    Kochia and Russian Wildrye seed?

    Kochia prostrata
  5. DitchBank

    Kochia and Russian Wildrye seed?

    Does anyone know of a site where I can buy either or both of these 2 seeds? Or a good place on the web to buy seed?
  6. DitchBank

    How much is she worth?

    Would just like to know what a fair price to set a milking shorthorn/jersey cross heifer at that is 3 months old, weaned, and weighs around 230-275lbs?
  7. DitchBank

    Pasterized milk bottle feeding?

    I was wondering I have a month old dairy heifer that has had raw milk but the raw milk is inaccessible now, I have had bad experiences with milk replacers and was looking for a different approach than to switch to a replacer, so my question is, is pasterized milk okay to feed a month old dairy...
  8. DitchBank

    Dairy Heifers

    I have one cow I picked up that I am not sure on the breed, I'm not sure if they do or don't have Ayrshire but I have a calf I got form them I am unsure of the breed. If it has Ayrshire in it I imagine it is a cross between that and a holstein. It is mostly dark with a few white spots and a...
  9. DitchBank

    Dairy Heifers

    For all you dairy people out there, whats your opinion?
  10. DitchBank

    Which Dairy Heifers should I keep?

    I plan on turning her in with a black angus bull for a month or so, then bringing her up to a couple small pastures near my home and having her raise her calf plus one or two extra's. The swiss heifers they have at the dairy farm I get the calves from I really do like, they are a little...
  11. DitchBank

    Which Dairy Heifers should I keep?

    For the past couple months I've been buying some dairy heifers from a farm I've been buying calves from for a few years. I have been getting these types: Jersey/Holstien Cross, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Milking shorthorn Jersey cross. I have gotten probably around 10-15 from them and although I...
  12. DitchBank

    Raising the best dairy heifers possible?

    Just wondering the best ways to raise my dairy heifers. I am going to dehorn them for one but on top of that what are the best ways to raise them. I have 5 (2 jerseys, 1 milking shorthorn/jersey cross, and 2 holstein-Jersey crosses) I payed a little for them(meaning quite a bit) and am looking...
  13. DitchBank

    Dehorning, tips and tricks

    I'm going to dehorn m dairy heifers, and they are a pretty big investment so any information on dehorning would be helpful, I have raised a lot of cows but all black angus and no horns so I have never dehorned before, I've seen it done but not sure how to do it exactly. Questions: #1 How old...
  14. DitchBank

    How long before putting with other cows?

    I finally found what was making my calves sick, I lost 2 and have 1 that I have been treating the last 4 days with medication, he is going up hill fast and is very perky and active. What they ended up having was Coccidiosis, it would have been nice to know this before I lost 2 and only saved 1...
  15. DitchBank

    Not Worms!!!

    I'm beginning to think the same thing, I feel I've done all I can, I've seen these types of symptoms before (on 2 other calves) and after fighting hard with everything possibly I can think of with what might be wrong with them medicating them for about 3 weeks they just keep going down hill and...
  16. DitchBank

    Not Worms!!!

    So I had a fecal sample done and for one of my calves it came back as not having worms. He recommended to use a type of dewormer he sold me (the vet) because fecal exams aren't always 100% correct, I gave him this and after about 4 days he is still going down hill, now I have to lift him so he...
  17. DitchBank

    Best Dewormers

    One more question for everyone: Within the same day, one of the cows I have can go from really hard poop, to somewhat runny poop, to watery poop, I have yet to see any worms in its feces, would this be a type of worm or what would this be? Anyways, this cow as well as 2 others (that I have seen...
  18. DitchBank

    Best Dewormers

    Thanks for everyone's help although any more comments are welcome. As for the fly larva, the worms are in the feces instantly when it comes out, so its looking more like tape worms every day.
  19. DitchBank

    Best Dewormers

    When a tape worm sheds, does the rice looking things that come out wiggle and move around because there is a lot of movement in these things that are coming out but they do resemble rice some.
  20. DitchBank

    Best Dewormers

    Maybe I'll have to do a small fecal sample, is there a possibility they could be roundworms? Another reason I hesitate to say there tape worms is #1 because of the size (very small) and #2 there are a lot of them not just a few, they look kinda like tiny fly larva the ones I've seen in there...