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  1. dieselbeef

    well citrus pellets are back if yer in central fl

    ive got em..not great stand alone as only 6% but finally avail again....
  2. dieselbeef

    hired sprayer...100$ ac for grazon?

    trying to control my blackroot infestation. I'm being over run with it...on about 30 ac. it is scattered but about 10 ac is like carpet. ufs said grazon or weedmaster. hes just gonna do the 15 ac piece that's heaviest. but neghbors place is covered and he wont do anything I'm sure.
  3. dieselbeef

    over run with balckroot...

    have had 2 different pasture giys out here and haven't seen it like this ever before..aint I lucky....filling in every single spec on no grass in my pasture and the cows wont even eat near it. they seed like crazy and have those bulbs..rizomes or whatever under the ground and mowing seems to...
  4. dieselbeef

    long cattlemans letter to
  5. dieselbeef

    barbed or no barbed wire fence

    so I been thinkin...fixing fence lately and t sucks..barb wire is mans hell...cows lean on it like it isn't barbed at all. stretch against it so hard theylll brek the pole..all I get is cut to hell and alotta ruined clothes...pita to twist..wrap etc...I know its the most popular except maybe in...
  6. dieselbeef

    blackroot taking over

    pasture has been neglected..guilty..probly low ph.. cannot find anything on control...short of calling usf or the ext agent..any ideas....
  7. dieselbeef

    dole prods sold the farm across from me to solar panel farm

    600 acres of solar panels going in almost directly across from me...ugh..not thrilled..used to be a great hunting area and a wildlife corridor..constr starts in may...fack
  8. dieselbeef

    bulls limping..stick in hoof..crazy little stick

    size of a pencil...was kinda in between ...had to get him in the he was not happy...roped his leg and pulled it up and got it out..was jammed in there pretty good but didn't come out wet..stinks awful..didn't see anything like it had abcessed or anything..was able to get my fingers...
  9. dieselbeef

    too fat to breed?

    long story short..had a hfr with a broke leg when about 6 mos old..gave it to the neighbor to raise to butcher..she came around ok so we traded a steer back when she was about 20 mos..shes pretty fleshy..fat really...been with the bull a yr now. her and 5 other hfrs went with the bull same...
  10. dieselbeef

    theres always one

    soooo this yr I have a really really nice steer..flightiest craziest one yet...if yer even in the backyard he bolts as far as he can..tried for a cpl weeks to catch him just gave up...opportunity came and caught him to wean...locked him in the front pasture...its red top field fenced...he...
  11. dieselbeef

    gun range in pasture...bad for the cows?

    built a berm..had to fence around it cuz the dam cows kept climbing it and tearing down the targets and stands...cept for when a bullet hits the wire its all good. soo the question is...we don't pickup brass usually..lotta 9mm...thousands of 22....30/30...556...thousands of rds of them...
  12. dieselbeef

    down cow..for how long is still healthy

    seen anywhere from 12 hrs to..til she gets up..have a real weak one..improving. vet said some kind of infection...parasitic....gave her some iron and some b12..wormer...10 way... vet hasn't told me yet what it gonna give her a dbl n the iron and b12 again today..shes def...
  13. dieselbeef

    such a thing as a booster shot?

    something like muli min but without a prescription and along the lines of a b1 for humans..quick acting injectable to help em up from something like a cold or a illness from whatever...a booster shot
  14. dieselbeef

    buying round bales ..taste?

    so I bought 10 rolls a few wks ago...cows ate every spec even off the ground...could not get ahold of this guy again after days of trying so I went with a different guy closer ..same price...they wont hardly eat it..they are..but they aren't tearing it to shreds like the first 10 rolls....roll...
  15. dieselbeef

    more stupid lease bs

    so I lease about 40 ac attached to the pasture at my house. In one corner of the pasture I lease is a rental property house that the landlord also leases.. the guy that lives in it has somehow decided his kids are entitled to use it. throwing rocks at my cows..hitting golfballs into
  16. dieselbeef


  17. dieselbeef

    ear tags suck

    lose em..break off...don't know what cow is what...age..last calf...etc.. o I gotta come up with a better system than the y tags that I have a bunch of or a different brand.. or brand em...which I don't have the first clue about...but I don't have a brand or irons or any idea which way is...
  18. dieselbeef

    futures ... 202017.pdf
  19. dieselbeef

    our 4h shooting clb will be doing has a huge impact on the kids when they see it. ours is a small cemetery...cpl thousand graves. we will place a wreath and say the name on every stone..
  20. dieselbeef

    weaning early..5 mos

    maybe 4 1/2 ...disadvantages? planned on having all 10 sold at 5 mos but sale didn't go thru...typical theyre offa mommas at 5 mos..usually wait til 6 or later if I cant catch em or something...theyre all already bunk broke and backgrounded so theyre good to go...just curious what yall...