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  1. Bigfoot

    Spray lime

    Heading out in the morning to get some spray lime. Some say it works, some say it doesn't, I'm going to pull some soil samples and see over time. My place needs the PH raised something awful. The way they're doing lime here at home, it's just not for me. You can't even get the equipment in...
  2. Bigfoot

    Korean Lespedeza

    Can it be drilled into an existing grass, or does it need to go in a seed bed?
  3. Bigfoot

    Shop Lighting???

    Soon be time for shop lighting. In my other barns, I utilize 300 watt light bulbs. This will have 16' ceilings. Don't see gravity challenged me getting up there to change them. Toying with the Idea of 300 watt bulbs mounted about 10" up the wall. Probably put one on every other post. Not...
  4. Bigfoot

    Metal pole barn trusses?

    Putting in a new 60' X 40' hay barn. Never built with these metal trusses. Appearances are they are not super strong. Can anybody attest to their longevity?
  5. Bigfoot

    Traded for some hay ground

    Seems high, but it joins a place I’m already cutting hay on. $25 an acre. The previous hay man had been cutting it at 60% 40%. I need hay , and 1/3 2/3 is my best deal. Won’t go no lower. I made 8.5 4’x5’ rolls on an adjoining place. This place has been in hay production for 7 or 8 years...
  6. Bigfoot

    A marketing milestone

    I closed the books on the 2020 calf crop today......All gone. First time ever I managed to pull off not taking anything to the stockyard. Sold the steers on superior, the heifers, just almost all private treaty, and carried a gooseneck load of odds and ends to a gentleman this morning, that...
  7. Bigfoot

    PPP loan and schedule F

    What in the world is a PPP loan, I know what a schedule F is. How much easy government money can be gotten? Somebody here knows. PS>>>>>>I won't qualify, but somebody might.
  8. Bigfoot

    I’m considering running for state representative

    I’m getting pretty serious about doing it. Been thinking about it for several years now. I have no delusions of actually winning, I won’t be accepting any donations. Not sure how much of a campaign I can get off the ground on my own dime. I think I’d be happier knowing I tried.
  9. Bigfoot

    IFR is on

    The IFR is on the wranglers network, if anybody is sittin in the house on a Sunday. Kinda the “working mans” NFR. The previous 3 rounds are still up for viewing.
  10. Bigfoot

    Cow cost per head....2020

    Sometimes I post this, sometimes I don't. Cant remember if I have the last couple of years or not. Very rudimentary breakdown on my 2020 cow cost Just counting feed/hay, maintenance, insurance, gas, vet (vaccinations etc.).........Every cow on my place cost $373 to own last year That number...
  11. Bigfoot

    slider or roller????

    About to enclose the 4th side of my 3 sided 4 bay equipment shed, and concrete the floor. Need doors on the center 2 bays. Do I want sliding or rolling doors?
  12. Bigfoot

    Grain bin panels for a tub

    Not recently, but over the years, I’ve had 1000 bushel grain bins offered to me just to get them out of the way. Could the panels be fashioned in to a usable tub? Seems like if you set your post on the outside, and had them close enough, it just might work. Be a lot of work, if one of my mean...
  13. Bigfoot

    Only an hour left!!!!!

    Feeding time is 3:00. Means only one more hour to sit through Thanksgiving. I’m ready to blow this scene.
  14. Bigfoot

    Crazy story.....I killed a dog

    This will sound unbelievable.....Went out on my little chuck wagon side by side this afternoon to check the cows. My son is riding with. We encountered a big German Shepherd. It came after us on the side by side. Trying to bite us (did bite me twice). Had no gun, and could not out run him...
  15. Bigfoot

    Need a new dart gun

    Been with cap-chur for several years, had a couple different of their models. Mine has a leaking gasket. They’ll rebuild it, if I send it off. Really wanting to get away from co2. What’s everybody using? Do more wild cow stuff, than anything else, and also shoot draxxin for pinkeye.
  16. Bigfoot

    It's getting crazier

    I have a flag on my grain bin (states the name of my choice for president). Honestly, I'm not really even sure why it's there. I'm not 100% in a position to have a public opinion (even though we live in the freeiest country in the world). My kids wanted to hang it, and I didn't say no...
  17. Bigfoot

    Soaking corn???

    I'm quitting DDG. Locally available, it's a good feed, so on and so fourth, but I'm unretired and shelled corn is the most convenient thing for me to feed on my cramped schedule. I usually wean my calves 90 days. Figure I'll feed somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 pounds of shelled corn per...
  18. Bigfoot

    Strange calving issue

    A cow bagged up about 3 months ago. Was even dripping milk. Started drying off. I couldn’t tell she had slipped it or retained it. She is bagging back up. Has been for a few days. This morning she was passing slime. Didn’t look pleasant, but could have been hanging a little while. What’s...
  19. Bigfoot

    I unretire tomorrow

    My retirement will effectively be over tomorrow. Man, I really enjoyed it to. Today may very well have been the saddest day of my life.
  20. Bigfoot

    Gravity running gear

    The running gear on my gravity wagon is finished. For no more trips per year than I make to the elevator, I hate to buy a new running gear. Have the standard issue 16’ flat bed trailer. Fender will be in a bad spot to unload. Any suggestions?