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  1. greybeard

    Beware of climate change

    A well thought out and presented post. But...........somewhere, a spoiled brat is thinking ;)
  2. greybeard

    Rolling high tensile

    Paying a friend $$ is sometimes insulting a friend.
  3. greybeard

    Graduate dozen free...........

    Shipley's is the big donut franchise around here, tho every town seems to have 1-2 other independent places too. I'm not much on donuts myself. Just too sweet. Pecan pie is a different story.................
  4. greybeard

    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    In terms of total barbecue places, (as of 2015) Texas leads the nation, with 2,238 total restaurant locations and 1,931 independent locations. California came in second (1,162 joints) and Florida is third (856). The following is not really true in regards to the left's actual goal or...
  5. greybeard

    Unruly tenant

    Copperhead bit me on a toe around this time in 2010. It wasn't life threatening but I did spend a night in hospital and most of my leg up to top of my calf turned black before it was all done. They don't usually give anti-venom for copperhead bites unless the bite is on the neck or near the...
  6. greybeard

    Beware of climate change

    What is being burned in the photo Bez? Looks a little dark to be just burning the sh***ers.
  7. greybeard

    Banding Problem?

    That's a nice chunky looking 'almost steer'.
  8. greybeard

    Have you put in your application

    I believe interest rates will rise but only slightly. Perhaps mid to late 2022 but more likely mid to late 2023. The fed's main objective until then, is to increase employment not inflation control. FOMC won't consider rate increases until The recovery in the labor market is effectively...
  9. greybeard

    Public School used to be so simple.

    More like renter's remorse ain't it?
  10. greybeard

    Have you put in your application

    Probably around, 3.5%-5% CPI.
  11. greybeard

    Have you put in your application

    Worker shortage further hurting NYC restaurants Big Apple restaurants can only serve half their pre-pandemic indoor capacity — and yet they still don't have enough help to make it work. Fox Business Apr 17 Fed's Powell says hiring bottlenecks in labor market likely to end in coming months...
  12. greybeard

    Have you put in your application

    You must read a lot different news than i do.
  13. greybeard

    Do you live in a political bubble?

    I think the term 'bubble' is more than a little misleading in the context it is used here. Whether one lives in a mental related political bubble or not is completely subjective and dependent on how accurately informed they are. Having said that....
  14. greybeard

    Daily Chuckle

    May the Fourth be With You!
  15. greybeard

    The actual conspiracy theorist

    According to the "urban dictionary": Blue Anon The definition of "Blue Anon" is "a loosely organized network of Democrat voters, politicians and media personalities who spread left-wing conspiracy theories." "Blue Anon adherents fervently believe that right-wing extremists are going to storm...
  16. greybeard

    Public School used to be so simple.

    You got up in the morning, went to school and was taught the 3 Rs. No politics. Not so much anymore.
  17. greybeard

    Favorite place hoildays

    A stupid movie called Sharknado #4 shows that ball of twine in Cawker City (and Cawker City itself). Ball of twine somehow gets imbedded with sharks (in Kansas no less) and rolls down the streets squashing and devouring people. "Cawker City, Kansas claims to be home to the largest ball of twine...
  18. greybeard

    Tilling question

    same here.
  19. greybeard

    Dead calf

    I assume you mean to check the cow's milk for any pathogen that may have contributed to the 1st calf's death???
  20. greybeard

    Bitcoin News and updates