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    Welding Rods

    What brand is everyone using? Been using Forney 6013 3/32 for the thin stuff and 6011 1/8 and 5/32 for everything else. A couple years ago something changed with the 6013s, went from a black carton to red, and I had a lot of trouble with them. Just get weld on both sides of the joint and a...
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    Discbine Recommendations

    Hoping to get rid of this POS Vermeer 840. Need something with some kind of shock hub, a modular cutter bar, and roll conditioners. 10 or 12 foot. We do a lot of rough, rocky ground. The Vermeer does not have any sort of shear point, it breaks the lower gears in the cutter bar all to hell if...
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    Add Remotes or Loader Valve to Case 5240

    Seems like this tractor is always short on hydraulics. Right now it just has the loader plumbed into the remotes. I have a use for this tractor, but it would require either adding a mid-mount loader valve (freeing up the rear remotes), or adding two more remotes on the back. Anyone know where...
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    Rotella T6 oil

    Best way to know for sure is to have an oil analysis done. I'm sure you could easily go to 5000 miles or more depending on how you run it.
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    Weak loader, but remotes work fine

    Got a bit of a head scratcher on a Case Maxxum 110. Last week I hauled some logs out of the woods and up to the mill. Loader was working fine, got back home and noticed the loader was slow. At first I thought it was a joystick cable, but those are working fine. Full travel in both directions...
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    Aftermarket CV Shafts

    Have a badly worn CV shaft on a JD HX15 cutter, pretty sure it contributed to ruining the PTO in the tractor, I'm in the process of repairing the tractor, so I'd like to fix the mower to avoid future problems. I'm seeing OEM shafts in the neighborhood of 1000 bucks, anyone found an aftermarket...
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    Coyote Calls & Hunting

    I recently acquired a Savage Bmag in 17 WSM and am eager to bust some coyotes with it. They are thick around here. What do you guys use for calls? I was leaning towards electronic, around 100 bucks. I've messed with some predator calls and wasn't able to get them right. I played Baritone in...
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    CNH Code 14041

    Like most of you, we're in the middle of a cold snap. Temp was -2 this morning. I started up the Maxxum 110 for chores and if was flashing code 14042, which is ECT short to VCC or open. Anyone have experience with this code on a newer machine? It's never shown this code before, maybe just a...
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    Need Some Opinions

    I help manage a cow-calf operation as a day job. We have very nearly 400 head, black and red angus. I've always worked on the mechanical, feeding, and operation side of things, I help catch and sometimes work the cows, but my experience with that is somewhat limited. There is a 30 acre pasture...