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  1. callmefence

    Have you put in your application
  2. callmefence

    Thinking about selling

    I think it's gonna be a hard summer. Tanks are a small fraction of where they should be. Creeks not running. Lots of folks having to lower their wells. Prices are still good. Probably keep enough to run in the woods and rough pastures at a very low stocking rate.. 1-25 acres I'm thinking...
  3. callmefence

    Info on frontier dm1270 disk mower

    Picked one up at auction. Very little wear. Looks like it's slept by itself a few nights. Having a hard time finding info on changing/ checking oil. I've got a fill plug and plugs at every disc. Not finding a drain or fluid check plug. What oil??? Made by john deere?? Any info appreciated
  4. callmefence

    My first froze off ear.

    I seen 90 days above 100. Less than 12" of rain in a year. Now I got me one with her ears froze off...( Least I think that's what's going on here)........gonna make "real rancher " if I ain't careful...
  5. callmefence

    Partial baler belt replacement.

    I'm leaning towards one more year out of my baler. End of last season a piece of tpost cost me three belts. I replaced all belts the winter before. When I ordered the belts the salesman acted like it was a suicide mission to just replace 3. What say you CT . Do I need to pull the other 4 and...
  6. callmefence

    Biden edc

    Maybe these will still be legal..idk. Anyone got any .41 rimfire..?
  7. callmefence

    Feeding corn with weevils

    Got about 4 tons of it....I'm all ears..
  8. callmefence

    Canada might need a wall

    Lol "Biden administration considers flying migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing - The Washington Post"
  9. callmefence

    One of favorite toys.

  10. callmefence

    Jd 450e vs 450m balers

    I'm trying to see the extra 10 grand difference for the M. Can anyone see it. Not alot of difference.
  11. callmefence

    What would you pay for trenching.

    By the foot. Say 2' deep x6" wide. 500' average distance. No rock. Thanks
  12. callmefence

    Texans turn off auto pay on electric bill.

    I'm hearing of unbelievable electric bills. Apparently the bills are on a sliding scale that moves with market prices. I'm not on a auto pay system but if I was I would be concerned. Their saying this isn't gouging it's built into the billing program and it will be resolved. News had one...
  13. callmefence

    Cold weather tips

    I've broke a windshield wiper off my truck. Finally got the door open by pouring coffee on the handle , holding it open while I pryed on the door with a hay hook. Poured coffee again on the keypad to my front gate opener. Had the foresight to know I was gonna have trouble with gate latches and...
  14. callmefence

    Temps to kill oats

    How cold can they stand? Got to see the most snow I've ever seen last month. Looks like I'll see the coldest temperature I've ever seen next week. Couple of nights in the teens with days around freezing Tuesday night is forecast to 5 degrees. Got a really thick stand of oats I haven't grazed...
  15. callmefence

    Who to hire

    We're badly needing someone to supervise a extremely important project...more important than you could ever imagine. Everything is riding on it. It's down to two One has a proven track record of getting things done. While his methods may at times seem questionable to some. He can be unlikable...
  16. callmefence

    What is this

  17. callmefence

    Splicing belts

    If the baler calls for 420.5" belt do you measure just the belt material before installing the splice or do you deduct for the splice?? Thanks
  18. callmefence

    Chimney repair

    I've got a cracked chimney insert. The limestone block is just a facade. And it's definitely filling with smoke, causing smoke to be coming out where it shouldn't be. The damage is in the top few feet the rest and the firebox are ok. Any good ideas on a repair without complete replacement? I...
  19. callmefence

    Giant Bermuda first cut.

    Just square baled giant Bermuda (pure ,not a blend) that I planted in February, 63 bales per acre on it's first cut in it's first year.