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  1. gizmom


    The grand girls want GG to pick them a fall heifer to break and show. A month ago I picked two that I really liked but one is a Charlo and their daddy has concerns about his 9 year old being able to control a Charlo. So I picked another but went back to go through them again about two weeks...
  2. gizmom

    Sale pictures

    G51G25 D39 C16 We have 6 cow calf pairs and 6 bred heifers in the sale we only pictured this group
  3. gizmom

    Hard knocks

    Spent yesterday afternoon with the grandkids while they worked their critters getting ready for a show next started out great worked two heifers two steers two pigs then things went a bit south Her greatest fear was not being able to show next week. Thankful it wasn’t broken...
  4. gizmom


    Do cattle count as an addiction? Maybe I can apply for financial assistance to help me deal with it!I was taking care of critters and driving past the bred heifer pen saw this one. My gosh look at the depth of body on this heifer she is going to be a cow! Am I the only one that goes all wonky...
  5. gizmom

    Anyone know about this

    Farmers react to billions in COVID-19 relief bill for Black farmers: 'Where did common sense go?' Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  6. gizmom

    Now what am I suppose to do?

  7. gizmom

    State Cattlemen conventions is yours on or cancelled

    Florida is still planning to have the convention in June Alabama is scheduled for Friday March 5th and Saturday March 6th in Birmingham, Mississippi canceled their convention I don’t know about other states just curious how each state is dealing with their convention with COVID restriction...
  8. gizmom

    What a difference a week makes

    Last week we were palpating the sale pen and it was 22 degree with a wind blowing that made it feel like 10 degree. Yesterday we got the same group clipped and it was 79 and videos will be done in the next couple weeks the Maternal Gems Sale is May 8th.
  9. gizmom


    I know some are dealing with extreme cold but in our neck of the woods it is so wet the mud is muddy. I am not one to complain about rain because I would rather have rain than drought or freezing temperatures. The boss has a million projects planned for this time of year and the rain is...
  10. gizmom

    Picking heifers

    It’s getting time for me to pick the keepers out of the bred heifers. We already pulled six out that are targeted for the Maternal Gems Sale on May 8th. I am looking at retaining 15 of this group. I confess it hasn’t been easy there are some dandy’s in this group and I can’t keep them all but...
  11. gizmom

    Community Loss

    Many of you on this forum know JSCUNN he lost his father this past week. His dad was a pillar of our agricultural community, he has done so much to help the youth of our county. I know this is a difficult time for the Cunningham family, just wanted our CT friends to know.
  12. gizmom

    More photos

    We actually had some sunshine today so while the boss worked I took pictures. We have a pair of eagles that have made the farm their home this is what greeted us today as we came down the driveway. Note the zoom on my iPhone is pretty good lol This is a young bull we’re using this year he is...
  13. gizmom

    Bull pictures

    Had a customer call wanting pictures of a bull so Friday I went out to get the photo the boss went with me to move him around for me it’s hard to take cattle pictures by yourself the bulls always want to be facing you so hard to get a profile picture. Then we had to put hay out bulls love a...
  14. gizmom

    Exploding straw

    We went back in time with a few matings this year. I wasn’t at the farm when this happened but Mike told me that a straw of my Bon View Emulation EXT 473 shot out of the heater and exploded. It shook him up because he knew from the color of the straw that it was old back when the straws were a...
  15. gizmom

    Getting the job done

    Our home raised herd bull we put him out on 12/23 on 50 head. I just like him a bunch calves on the ground out of him are looking really good. He has been pretty busy for the past few days but getting the job done.The 2015 calf is a Renown out of a daughter of Coleman Blackbird 1554 and Wluffs...
  16. gizmom


    I went through some of the calves today. The C12 cow is a Kinochtry Beauty x OCC Paxton 744P not a big cow but a excellent mamma. The calf at her side is a SAV Renown this should be a really good calf. This is a Embryo calf out of our SAV Abigale and SAV Quarterback. open heifers we were...
  17. gizmom

    % of bulls vs heifers from ET

    For those of you that do ET work do you find a higher % of bulls? The reason I ask is we have always found that we get mor bulls than heifers......until 9057 we purchased her a couple of years ago as a donor so far we have 10 calves on the ground and 9 are heifers. The one bull calf is now a...
  18. gizmom

    New breeding season

    I have finally finished up the AI sire selection for this breeding season. This time of year is always busy with holidays, then add AI and ET work it is a scheduling marathon. We breed one group tomorrow that we set up on TAI we are not syncing the rest of the cows just pulling them up on...
  19. gizmom

    Beautiful Weekend

    The boss and I have been in TN this weekend we attended the Ingram Angus Sale today and wow what a program they are building. Impressive, congratulations to all of the Ingram crew on a top notch sale. We went with the intention of adding an outcross bull to our herd sire pen and feel that we...
  20. gizmom

    Pictures of a few ET calves

    The 2026 and 2048 are SAV Raindance out of our SAV Abigale 913 donor cow. I didn’t get any photos of the Quarterback calves out of the same cow but they look really good. The 2027 calf is a heifer out of SAV Reign and our now deceased donor Sinclair Queen Mother 6R109 we have several of these...