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  1. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    Poor lil tree. It was like 10 feet tall. Lol Calves seem to not care one way or the other. They did finally figure out the trailer ain't a bad place to be.... Out of the weather a lil
  2. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    Power is down. Fences are a sagging. Trees are in bag shape. They still had leaves on em. Lots of poles look like they could go any minute. I look to be out for at least a week now. It's a LOT of ice. Guess I'll go get the genny wired in. And fire up the saw.....
  3. MurraysMutts

    Selling a few heifers - curious what youd pay

    That sure would be nice. Dems BIG for 5 month olds. No way I could spend that. 6 weights bringing 1.10 around here Ope! Just did a lil looking. Up to 1.34
  4. MurraysMutts

    Selling a few heifers - curious what youd pay

    5 months old? They look nice! 400 pounders?
  5. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    I cant like it! @TCRanch Penned Calves dont seem to mind tho. Happily waiting for feed this morning. I think they are crazy. Cows and babies KNOW where the barn is tho. Them babies were all snuggly in the hay/straw I put in there. Every now and then one would get up, run like crazy around the...
  6. MurraysMutts

    Breed what you love

  7. MurraysMutts

    Current price trends?

    I saw the same thing today. I didnt have any at the sale but those who did really got hit. Only a lil over 100 sold. Cheap cheap. Now that we have gotten a bit of moisture, I think things will be better. We will see. I'm selling some the 5th
  8. MurraysMutts

    Stupid heifer

    Haha! She been wraslin it a minute too!
  9. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    Hehe. 30k without power in oklahoma. I got the genny ready. Hope we dont need it. O. And the calves don't care for their trailer/barndominium. They seemed content all covered in ice getting fed this morning. Sheesh
  10. MurraysMutts

    Changing cattle climates

    Wonder what happens when ya move cattle from hot/dry climate (central texas) to a place that is not hot and dry. More specifically, almost freezing and wet. With wind chills well below freezing. Temps to come back up in the 50-60 degree mark within a week or two. These are mostly corriente...
  11. MurraysMutts

    Da**%% buzzards

    Sounds like a missed opportunity...
  12. MurraysMutts

    October calves!

    Woohoo! Went to put a second bale out and me truck was acting up. Been fiddling with a couple things for a while now. Anyway. While I was waiting to get going again, Skinny Girl decides she ain't hanging around any more. Made a beeline for the other side of the creek. I just watched. Then...
  13. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    I dont think it needs any help but thanks anyway! Lolz. Can dang sure use the rain and maybe even take the snow. U can keep the ice! :cool: Got plenty of hay out. And fresh bale of crabgrass in the barn for nibbling and bedding.. Hope the power holds. We been having heck lately. Any time...
  14. MurraysMutts

    Fall is in the air

    We got the ice a comin! Yay...
  15. MurraysMutts

    Here we go again...

    Kinda funny. This calf has gotten used to nursing from behind. Every time I see her nurse, that's the way we do it. After all the trouble mama was, I dont care! Long as she feeds it.
  16. MurraysMutts

    Cow and twins

    Grandpa used to call things like that snake oil. Lol The next one I try, and I hope I dont have to!, I may give it a shot. This last one about beat me. I almost gave up. We got it sorted out finally but it takes a special kind of dedication I think.
  17. MurraysMutts

    Cow and twins

    Check out my thread.... Itll take ya from start to finish with folks comments as we went. https://www.cattletoday.com/threads/bottle-calf-some-say-im-crazy.121591/
  18. MurraysMutts

    October calves!

    The compact model is still holding out on me. Making a good bag tho. Pleased about that. I dont know how much more springing she can do.... floppy floppy floppy! My Skinny Girl had mucous on her tail and sides of her rump. She looked much thinner but I cant say for sure if shes calved. Will...
  19. MurraysMutts

    September calves!

    Herefords heifer. Shes doing just fine! The other one that likes to bluff...I'm still glad I took her horns off.
  20. MurraysMutts

    No milk

    Sounds like good news...