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    Round bale grinder mixers

    Which of these would be the best for the money for a cattle operation with 100-150 cows? Your opinions, experiences,etc. I have 0 experience with them but am looking at a used NDE. I have enough tractor power I believe (175 hp). Opinions, pros-cons?
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    Ford 7312 Front end loader

    Will 2 different size cylinders with respect to diameter work on a frt end loader These cyl's will operate the bucket. All appears to be the same except one is bigger than the other. Also does anyone know who made this loader, its on a '90 model 8160 Ford Tractor. Our local New Holland dealer...
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    Bushog nuts

    Anyone here perfected a way to keep the cutter assembly nuts from loosening? This is a 20ft rhino and the two outer spinner assembly nuts are always coming loose.
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    "04 Dodge Dually Diesel ..again

    In relation to an earlier posting...I just had the radiator pulled and cleaned (guy said he didn't find much in the radiator) and the thermostat replaced. The truck tends to run too hot (between 200 and 250 on the guage when pulling up a steep incline. It also runs hotter ( maybe 2 indicator...
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    Anyone ever round baled any milo or milo/corn combination? I've got a 567 JDeere baler with netwrap. Aguy told me he might have a wildlife plot that I could bale.
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    My Part His Part

    My son and I are partners on some land-50/50 ownership. Being retired, I do all the work and absorb all expenses. I cut, rake, bale, and feed the hay with my equipment. When the calves are sold, what would be a proper % for me and a proper % for him? I was thinking about basing the...
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    An udder rupture

    I noticed one of my cow's udder has a rupture and is running. When viewed from behind the rupture is on the left side of the udder about midway from the top to where the left teat begins. No swelling that I can tell in the teat area. Its more like a knot. Opinions??
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    '04 Dodge

    I recently bought an 04 Dodge dually 168 K auto trans diesel. This truck's temp guage runs about a needle or 1.5 needles past the 200 midrange mark on the temp dial. Is this normal??? One time I was pulling a load of hay (14 rd. rolls) up a steep hill and the guage almost got to the 240 mark...
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    '98 Dodge 5 speed manual trans.

    I recently had to have my Dodge 5 speed trans repaired. While going down the road in 5th gear the trans. seemingly went into neutral all the other gears were fine. Trans guy that repaired it told me the Dodge 5 speeds had trouble with a nut coming loose. This guy has always been very relaible...
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    Antique J Deere square baler

    Anyone know anything about antique Deere square balers? I have a chance to buy one that is very old, pto driven. I googled antique J Deere square balers but didn't find any pictures like this one-its serial number is 62283 and its in pretty good shape for its age. Comments??? :help: :help:
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    Angus Bull Pictures

    I have been away from these boards for quite a while for various reasons,but anyway- a long while bac (possibly a year) a poster here posted a picture of an angus bull that he was selling semen on. I believe he also owned the sire of the bull. The poster, may have lived in the midwest-Iowa...
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    Dodge 3500 A\T

    I recently bought a 2004 Dodge 3500 Cummings with 4 wd and auto trans. I drove it for a couple of weeks hauling several loads of hay on a 32 ft gooseneck and had no problems. Well diesel got high and I parked it for 2 weeks while I drove something a little cheaper. When I started it back up...
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    loss of hair

    I was late in locating a newborn calf for various reasons and when I finally found the calf I noticed that the flies had gotten to him. As a result he has lost quite a bit of hair along his back and the skin appears to be almost raw looking. I have had this happen once before with a calf born...
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    Fawn Calf Carriers

    Has the Angus Association determined carriers for FCS? Anyone heard anything?
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    Ford F550

    Anyone have an idea what a 1999 F550, powerstroke, Quadcab, Automatic, just kind of a plain jane -no carpet, manual windows, flat bed with L tank and 170 k would be worth? It is in my estimate between good and fair conditon body-wise and good condition mechanically with new tires. I am having...
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    Took 12 freezer beefs off today.

    What was your feeding procedure and what did you feed? Did you market any of them in the Nashville area? Just curious as I am considering trying what it seems like you are doing.
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    You people who have flushed cows quite often. What would be the chances of getting similar results on the progeny with respect to carcass traits. I had a heifer born to a cow that scanned a 6.74 imf and a .006 back fat just off grass and mothers milk. If I flushed this cow could I expect...
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    Ford 7710 again

    Well I drove this tractor yesterday for the first time and noticed it had a floor pedal for the rabbit (fast speed) and a turtle (lower speed) all while in the same gear, is this standard on these tractors? Also I noticed when looking at the serial number and all the other information on the...
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    DUAL Frt Loader

    I have a 4020 with a front end loader, a DUAL 200, I believe. I was wondering If I could put that loader on a Ford 7710 tractor? Evidently DUAL is no longer in business as I can't find any info except for used equip listed under dealers. Anyone here know anything about this swap or someone...
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    Ford 7710 Tractor

    I am currently looking at a used Ford 7710- II (thats whats on the hood) tractor with 4300 hrs. It has a cab and air,fair tires. It has sat out because it would need a paint job to look sharp. He is asking14K. Anyone know anything about these tractors pros and cons? I 'm kinda thinking that...