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    I just wanted to gripe.......

    Folks seems every time we go to someone place to load cattle there is always a few things I see each place we go. When folks make a loading chute they always seem to have it so that your backing up hill to load or either down hill. Most of the time the chutes are always at a strange angle or...
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    Fayette County Tx Folks i need your help

    i loaned a herford bull to my Sister that has a lease place near Flatonia Tx. the bull got out and she hasnt located the bull. next Sunday will be 3 weeks he been gone. she has talked to folks around the place and no one has seen the bull. the bull is a polled herford about 2 1/2 to 3 years old...
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    att. folks in Tx Oklahoma and Arkansas

    i received this in and e mail if it isnt BS yall may keep an eye out or you may know this person. Texas Department of State Health Services NEWS RELEASE April 19, 2010 Rabid Puppy Prompts Search The Texas Department of State Health Services and local officials are trying to locate a...
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    Replacement Cattle Sale (Lockhart, Texas)

    Replacement Cow Sale to be held April 15, 2010 at Lockhart Auction in Lockhart, TX. For more information call (512) 398-3476. Consignments are welcome.
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    hay traders

    folks i guess you could say this stuff is commical. this is what i seen a couple of days ago but it goes on daily down this way somewheres. i saw a couple of 18 wheelers loaded with some 3x3x8 bales of hay. i looked at the hay you could pull a hand full of brooms weeds out any of the bales. the...
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    A confused Dog Catcher

    City employee accused of stealing cattle 05:43 PM CDT on Friday, August 14, 2009 KVUE News A City of Austin animal protection officer has been charged with stealing cattle. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association says Robert Scott Kollman admitted to stealing the six calves...
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    fever ticks

    anyone have a picture of one? i have heard of them and tick fever but never seen one.
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    Trashy Dogs!

    we went coonhuntin with the hounds about 3 weeks ago and a young gip decided to get trashy. made all the dogs get trashy for a little while. this is what they trashed on. we have never had our dogs bay up a hog. i wasnt sure what he was gonna do but he was focused on the dogs didnt pay us...
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    anyone seen this yet? stuff like this is wrong. sure need alot of folks to let these folks know they are wrong.
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    Pictures coming out soon

    has anyone heard about or seen some new pictures the animal rights folks are realeasing to the Media soon? Hear say is they have some pictures took at sale barns around the US and one sale barn in Tx. they are fixing to release them to the Media soon. so hold onto your hats dont be shocked when...
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    Gas 1.07/9-Diesel 1.01/9 prices have dropped here

    Happy April Fools to yall :lol:
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    Cat Nappin

    last weekend we was working on a shed my wife noticed little orange takeing a nap. dont look like a comfortable spot to nap but looks like it was good enough for little orange. she woke little orange up takeing pictures and looks like little orange didnt appreciate that too much. :lol2:
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    who can tell me what this is?

    my brother found this in an old barn. only markin on it is a 1. can anyone say what it is?
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    read this in the paper today

    stuff like this burns me up. read the deal about the horses.
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    some cool cats

    or should i say some cold cats? :lol: its cold here least to me and kinda raining and being i dont have a lot to do i was playing with some pictures. :lol: the barn cats and my Wifes spoilt grey cat on bottom right. :lol: the sometimes barn kitten and his mother. i went feed this...
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    Stephenville Tx and surrounding area

    i hear yall got UFO's and Aliens up there! any of yall that come on here see any of them UFO's? :o :lol:
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    one my wife foregot to wrap.......

    i heard something under the tree amongst the gifts wondered what it was!? :lol: so much for being a barn cat. :lol:
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    need some help folks

    someone grabbed one of my dogs about 3 weeks or so ago. the same day they got another taco dog from my nephew one road over and stole a 5 gallon can of gas from my neighbor up the road took his gas can and all. we went to put out some hay on a Saturday about 3 weeks ago and left her out the...
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    well if yall aint busy

    well you know ya aint cause ya here. :lol: try this it will keep ya busy. warning.........might be addicting! :lol:
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    which Sale Barn?

    which sale barn in your area would any of you reccomend? and why? which sale barn would you not reccomend? and why? what are yalls likes and dis-likes about both? this is just to see what owners could do to improve customer relations.