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  1. deenranch

    new heifer

    New heifer I picked up last weekend. Photo was taken with a phone right before a rain storm. She is 8 months old Breeding: Infantry x Reality x Smokin Joe
  2. deenranch

    Ranchers Choice bull sale (Texas)'sChoiceFinalCatalog.pdf Lots of top genetics and most are 20-24 month old bulls!!!!
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  4. deenranch


    Late December '11 heifer (almost 8 months) Another late December '11 heifer (almost 8 months) Above heifers together This heifer is barely 9 months old
  5. deenranch

    yearling bulls

    Gridmaker x Illusion N111 bull at 14 months Reality x Cigar bull at 12 months
  6. deenranch

    Charolais for Profit Bull Sale

    Charolais for Profit Bull Sale is February 11 in Columbus, TX. Would love to see some of you there....
  7. deenranch

    Charolais Bulls

    [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img] These are some of our 18 month old bulls!!!!
  8. deenranch

    Charolais for Profit Bull Sale

    2/12/11 in Columbus, TX at the Columbus Livestock Auction... 1 pm There are a good set of bulls cosigned this year..
  9. deenranch

    Cowtown Cattle Drive 2011

    January 28th @ 6 pm Fort Worth Stock Show Charolais Sale
  10. deenranch

    Charolais calves pics and added cow pics

    Three Trees Wind 0383 bull calf born in mid May CJC Mr President T122 bull calf born in mid May CJC Illusion N111 heifer calf born in mid May These were taken in early September...
  11. deenranch

    One man corrals?

    Has anyone heard of this guy or done business with him? Just wondering if it would be worth the trouble to look at his designs
  12. deenranch

    Sale of Excellence

    Charolais female sale May 1 Bryan, TX Some of the breeds best genetics for the sale book
  13. deenranch

    milk replacer cost?

    How much is milk replacer in your area and what is you area? Bought some Cargill the other day $48 for 25# bag... Some Multi Mama for $35 for a 25# bag...
  14. deenranch

    Charolais Heifer = fire away

    Heifer that I have raised
  15. deenranch

    Purina Accuration

    Has anyone who feeds or has fed this unhappy with performance? We've been blessed with a lot of rain and mud. The bulls just don't look good... They are drawn down and have lost some weight...
  16. deenranch

    Charolais For Profit Bull Sale

    Bull sale is Feb 13 @ 1pm in Columbus, TX... It is at the Columbus Livestock Auction... 70 Bulls sale... Catalog available at
  17. deenranch

    Ranchers Choice Charolais Bull Sale

    This sale is in Nixon, TX... Dec 5 @ 1 pm... Great set of bulls.... Check them out if you can
  18. deenranch

    Purina Cattle Limiter

    Has anyone used this product to develop bulls? How do you like it and would you recommend it? What are the cons of this feed? Thanks
  19. deenranch

    Charolais Bull Pic

    This is a bull that I have raised. He is 13 months old in this pic. His 205 day weight was 758# on mama and grass. His yearling weight was 1297# on full feed. Let me know what you think of this bull. All feedback is welcome, good or bad.
  20. deenranch

    Price of Beefmaster Semen

    Why is beefmaster semen so expensive? Do the breeders not want there breed to grow and get bigger? Most other breeds are between $15 and $40 a straw. Anyone know why the semen is this high?