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    Eye issue - another shot

    Another shot and pic try
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    Eye Issue

    Eye issue
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    Bull fever - fertility?

    Turned bull out last Sunday. Long story short - by Tuesday morning he was by himself and just not up to par. Hauled him back to the barn this morning and had the vet check. had a fever of 105 - little mucus but not bad. No rattling in chest. Gave him a long acting antibiotic and a shot for...
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    Man O Man - Sitting here looking at the price on pour-on's. Ivomec - 5 ltr 253.00 Iver-On - 5 ltr 99.95 Privermectin Pour-on 5 ltr 59.95 Gotta make wonder if the extra bucks are worth it. RGV
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    Alot of good the new labeleing law is doing. In the supermarket the steaks were marked as USA,Canada and Mexico as country of origin all on the same sticker. RGV
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    Stockpiled fescue

    Well, I went with the stockpiled fescue route this winter in lieu of cutting these fields for a second cutting. There is still a xxxxload of grass out there. With the exception of having to feed two rolls during one short snow/ice period I have not had to feed any hay. It is now getting very...
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    Wondered if he would make it

    Anyone see the show with the Purina guys on RFD Monday night? I was afraid the poor guy was going to keel over with the choking and coughing.
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    Finally found it

    Finally found what the type of weed I had described about awhile back. Thanks to the earlier poster that gave a good site. Bad news is it is a grass. I have sprayed down the field with 2-4-D and it did not phase it. Makes sennse - bottom ground slighly sandy. There is bunches of it along the...
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    The moon causing this

    Went to a small auction they have Thursday evenings - Real amusing place - They sell chickens, ducks etc alot of goats and usualy the junk the salebarn owner drags from other sale barns. When I was leaving there was a bunch of people by the loading chute with a mini-van backed up to it...
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    Dead Bull from trailer

    Giess what - I'm driving into downtown St. Louis and I hear on the radio they spotted the last missing bull from the trailer wreck the night before. I'm close so I think what the heck, go take a look. I got to the bull right after he fell down the rocks. There is a website - I think...
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    Alfalfa Question

    OK - Figure this. They rent the drill for 8.00 per acre for the first 25 acres. If it is over 25 it is 4.00 an acre. I think this field is about 15 - 17 acres. If i figure I will do a few areas a couple directions due to terrain could be at 20 acres x 8.00 = $160.00. (They go by the meter on...
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    Ready to drill

    Well - Started on the rough field I talked about earlier. I went ahead and disced the flat parts that had many bumps gulleys etc and got them cleaned up. Going to drill the fescue and spray in the spring for weeds. Question - renting the drill from the DNR. I have about half of this field...
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    Bale spear design question

    Made deal to get another hay spear with new tractor. Front end loader is same as older tractor so bucket and forks would work on either tractor. Older spear is one spear with the the two smaller tines below. When they sent out the tractor the new fork is two spears mounted lower with kinda of a...
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    Any one know

    Baled an old field that has been brushogged only for years. There was alot of goldenrod and also lots of a weed that almost looked like reeds canary grass (it's not). The shoots looked like reeds but the stem was much more coarse and the shoots were farther apart than on reeds. This is bottom...
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    Would this work?

    Have an shed roof off one side of the barn where we store some round bales. Has gates around it but we put an electric wire to keep the cows & calves from sticking thier heads through and eating the hay. Well, put some hay in there two days ago and after we got done the cows were at it through...
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    Go figure

    Well - just got 35 acres on the ground. On the last bit to mow - Push clutch in - goes to the floor and stays there. Clutch ? = NH TN 70 2000 - 648 hours Dealers closed. Just thought I would see if any ideas were out there. Alwaya hate having to wait till the morning to get a plan of action...
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    May have a window

    Any Missouri folks looking to lay hay down this week. Have a good chance of showers and then what looks like a great stretch of weather for hay. Hpe the weather liars don't let us down. RGV
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    Woudn't you know

    Go figure - I have 11 calves getting ready to haul to the sale barn in the next week or so, and boom one of them gets ringworm. Think I should hold him back or just ship. Don't know how much I might get docked What your thoughts? RGV
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    Cleaning up Goldenrod

    Last year I started haying some new ground that had been really rough. Needless to say, eliminated many of the annual weeds etc, however, it has waaayyy to much goldenrod which really gets stemmy in the hay. Need to spray this spring - which would you receommend - Grazon - Remedy - Crossbow...
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    Round bale trailer

    OK - I think i'm going to build a round bale trailer. I think i prefer the ones that will stack two wide. Most hauling is within 5 miles. I have seen these one advertised that hold them in a row but seems like the trailer has to be preety long to get 6 or more rolls on it. Like the idea of...