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  1. MurraysMutts

    Cow prices

    And that was early in the sale! Calf buyers don't show up til noon. They attend another sale early. Then some of the cow buyers leave and head to the other sale to buy cows!
  2. MurraysMutts

    Cow prices

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  5. MurraysMutts

    Cow prices

    Most everything was a buck a pound plus today. Neighbor sold some fat colorful open cows weighed 1100plus and brought $1250 each
  6. MurraysMutts

    Bottle calf! Some say I'm crazy...

  7. MurraysMutts

    Four words

    Poke it witha stick!
  8. MurraysMutts

    Another update: You won't believe what Zeke did.

    If she's that gentle, I bet it'll be no problem at all! Hopefully she breeds up easy. That's gonna be one pretty calf!
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  10. MurraysMutts

    Think she will make milk?

    A BUNCH of pages back Bessie had her first calf that I sold. Neighbors been taking real good care of her. She's been running with a black sale barn bull. Pretty sure she was the first to breed over there. Should have a calf this fall. They call her "Momma" The bull is called "Dinner" Poor...
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  13. MurraysMutts

    Bottle calf! Some say I'm crazy...

    We took her half brother and half sister to the sale today. She really didn't know them being bottle fed. I'm curious to see what they weigh tmrw. Shes a little behind them in size and weight.
  14. MurraysMutts

    Springing, but no bagging?

    Ooooo!! I thought your were feeding them out for butcher. Sorry. I misunderstood the original post.
  15. MurraysMutts

    Another update: You won't believe what Zeke did.

    I'd love to take a week or two off about that time of year!! Can't promise you'll still have a jersey/brahma calf when I leave tho!! 🤣 Perhaps I could bring an okie grown baby or two...
  16. MurraysMutts

    Springing, but no bagging?

    Could be a touch of acidosis from too much feed?? I presume u didn't preg em
  17. MurraysMutts

    Daily Chuckle

  18. MurraysMutts

    Bottle calf! Some say I'm crazy...

    Neighbors lil Cindy The one that Rosie abandoned for another cows calf. They've done a great job with her!
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  20. MurraysMutts

    What are you eating today?

    I think rather eat a racoon