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  1. OleScout

    Hereford breeding question, regular to miniature.

    My Dad was a hand on a Polled Hereford ranch, late 50s early 60s Double JJ. They had joint sales with the Circle M. Mr Hot Moore. Sold extremely high dollar bulls around the world. Straw was plenty deep is the viewing barn and sale ring to make those bulls legs look short. Pics Alyce posted the...
  2. OleScout

    Protein Tubs- Baked vs Poured, Your Preference and Why

    Mine would root it all out of the trough with that much corn to chase. The meal has a little well ground corn it it but not much, I’d guess 5% or less This is what I’ve fed for years to supplement poor quality purchased hay Range Meal 2 in 1 26% min crude protein 1.5% min Crude Fat 12% min...
  3. OleScout

    Protein Tubs- Baked vs Poured, Your Preference and Why

    What’s the second 1 in this mix. I’ve always feed 2 and 1. 2 meal and 1 salt.
  4. OleScout

    PTO won't stay engaged

    My Town Car steering got stiff, I WD40'd linkage spots, no improvement. took it to the shop, they scanned it. "Steering- low voltage batt" came up. New battery and steering was fixed. Old battery cranked the car fine!
  5. OleScout

    Why wean calves?

    In my area it's mostly small operators going to a small sale barn. Sort them off the cows this afternoon and haul to the sale barn next morning. They are through the ring by 3:00. No information follows them through the ring. Fleshy or non black will get you $0.20-$0.40 deduct. Bull gets a...
  6. OleScout

    Castration issues/ possible infection

    Did you buy from an established cattle person or is this a Craigslist calf. If you get in a situation where someone who doesn't know is buying from someone who doesn't know things can get sideways pretty quick.
  7. OleScout

    How much urea is to much urea?

    What I see real world vs what some professor says, Hmmmm. Think I’ll put mineral out when they’ve eaten it up and left the white salt.
  8. OleScout

    How much urea is to much urea?

    I disagree with this based on observation of my cows. Loose white salt in one end of the covered bunk, Wind & Rain mineral in the other end. Wind & Rain placed in the bunk first so in the middle it was covered by Loose salt. They were hitting each about the same till August. As summer was...
  9. OleScout

    JD 230 disk

    I've pulled a 230 over a lot of acres. Pretty nice pulverizing disk, will cut level. If you need a breaking disk it will do the job just leave it folded up.
  10. OleScout

    CCM Drum Mower Height Adjustment

    How much higher are you wanting to cut. I had a PZ some years ago and would run the top link out some tilting the front of the drums up a little if I had a patch I didn't want to cut as short.
  11. OleScout

    Cut-over spraying question

    I had to spray some ditch banks and such. Put a directional boomless on and extension piece of angle iron and C clamped it to the end of the bucket on the loader. If you can creep around you can cover a good ways out beside your tractor. Letting the bucket up or down as needed.
  12. OleScout

    List of small beef producers and sellers

    Darn b flipped over on me!!!!!
  13. OleScout

    List of small beef producers and sellers

    Look at Family run in Como, MS. Farm raised beef, pork and lamp. Retail store on the farm, selling via internet, farmers markets and to restaurants. All the meats we've tried have been very good.
  14. OleScout

    Not bad.

    That’s about what 500- 600wts bring per lb in N MS.
  15. OleScout

    Lost 3 to blackleg

    I’ve had cows on my home place for over thirty years so I wasn’t vaccinating. No problems, no need to right, until year before last. Lost 6 calves in two weeks. 1/3 of my little spring calf crop. Vet said blackleg. Last year and this year when I get 10-12 on the ground they got vaccinated. Then...
  16. OleScout

    What's the difference between 2 4 D & 2 4 DB?

    24DB was more for the soybean rowcrop production prior to the introduction of Basagran and then the roundup ready soybeans. Main target was cockleburs Sprayed a lot of it in the 70s
  17. OleScout

    Home Raised Clean up Bull ?

    The cow I’d want to keep the bull calf out of already has 5 of her heifer calves ,now cows, in the herd!!
  18. OleScout

    Safe, dependable, affordable

    Nissan Altima is a good car. Not too big but not too small. My wife loves them but she did switch to a Rogue Sport this time. I’d stay away from Hyundai. Nobody wants to work on them. Special tools required to change a belt.
  19. OleScout

    Anyone know about this

    These are the B farmers that Oboma loaned billions to to buy farms. Oboma Bucks were a running joke around here because of all the land being bought by B guys getting in to farming. Both my grandparents farms were sold, purchased with Oboma Bucks. Land bought, new fences built, stocked with...
  20. OleScout

    Just bad luck

    That's some tough luck. this cold is something we down south haven't seen in decades. My hay spike broke about two inches from the quick connect plate on the loader. I've never seen one just break before.