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    New Holland Draft Control

    I set my draft to lift some on a hard pull. And use the position control to lift and control depth
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    Hereford Bull with Growth on Eyelid

    You know Herefords are prone to cancer eye.
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    Some interest around here in PA. Personally. I don't think the markets have developed. I would hate to go to the expence to produce a crop and can't sell it.
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    Beets and or turnips for cattle feed

    I grow turnips every year. Cattle were slow to eat them at first. After they got started, they like them. I have had a cow choke on one of the bulbs, but she got it out before I got a rope on her.
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    Steers not shedding

    I have the same problem. Yearlings are slow to shed. Next year, they will be ok.
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    Loader Question

    The loaders that don't leak down overnight are few and far between.
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    Hydraulic Top Link

    I use one on a bush hog and hay tedder. Works good on some implements, not so good on others. I don't like it on a small plow. It's definitely worth having.
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    Winter vs. Spring Hay Usage ?

    That has always been normal for me. With the warmer weather, the little bit of grain that I feed cuts hay consumption a lot.
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    “Losing Ground” Time to wake up!

    I think i'ts great. Eventually they will get to the point that enough food can't be raised, and prices will rise. American agriculture is too productive is the reason farmers are broke.
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    Canary Grass Nutrition

    I don't know about the nutritional value, but I can't get my cattle to eat it. I have some other grass they are slow to eat, but they avoid canary grass like the plague.
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    Pasture, Rangeland, Forage insurance USDA

    That's the way it is. Summer showers are sporadic, and it may rain on the grid, then you get nothing.
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    NI 5209 Parts

    As many of them that are around, I think Agco will have anything you need.
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    Bull and replacement heifer ration

    Here is a 12.5% protein ration from one of Kirby's nutritionists. 1250 lbs corn 266 lbs roasted beans 400 lbs oats or barley 84 lbs Kirby beef finisher If you don't have scales on you grinder mixer, you can weigh a component once, then go...
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    How long to wean calves?

    I've never had trouble with 45-50 days. The cow has dried up, if they try to suck a little and don't get anything they forget about it.
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    Ag Lime Palatability

    I used to mix it with my feed, but I only used 25 lbs per ton. Cows eat it the same either with or without the lime.
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    Selling or keeping two heifers winter spring

    If you have the feed, you will do better in the spring. Somebody would love those to turn out in his fresh grass. With a little feed you can get 2 lbs per day easily.
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    grazing alfalfa/grass hay field

    I do it every year, my last cutting of the year gets grazed.
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    3 Point Bale Wrappers

    I have a farmland. It works good, it just is not good with a tractor with a cab or canopy, I raise it to high and hit the cab glass or canopy. I don't have a tractor with out.
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    grain feed in winter

    Eight pounds of mixed grains, and free choice hay.
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    Tractor rides so rough!

    It's the tire pressure. I run about 12 psi in my ag tires. Liquid ballast smooths the ride also.