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    Halter Breaking Heifer

    Here's what I do, I'll try to explain the best I can. When we first start tieing the calves up for the first week or two we do not tie their heads up. We tie thier heads so the top of their neck is parallel to the ground. This leaves them room to move just in case they get spooked and they...
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    A showring novice I am not. Do I know it all...absolutly not. But I do know what Im talking about. If you guys don't like the idea of reshaping the poll, by all means don't do it. Its just something that the guy that removes scurs/horns for us does.
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    What i mean is after the vet removes the scurs, he will chip away at the skull to give the apperance of a polled animal. It's just a cosmetic thing and in my past experiences with this, it looks much better than if you were to leave it be.
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    Just make sure to ask him to re-shape the poll. It will make him look a lot better than if he doesn't.
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    Find someone that will surgically do it for you. It looks so much better in the long run and it is a lot easier on the cattle.
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    loosing hair

    I have learned that zoom bloom and especially linemet should always be washed/rinsed out. The only thing the liniment is going to do is chill the skin and make the hair stand up. Never leave those in the hair. Try something like kleen sheen rag oil mix, pink oil, or revive. And also brush with a...
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    new fair steer

    I would give him a chance before taking him back. Let him calm down for a couple weeks and start spending some time with him and feeding him. You did say though that he is extremely agressive, that would worry me especially for a first steer. If he doesn't calm down in twoo weeks, I would take...
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    Help with a steers' top

    A-FRICKIN-MEN TO THAT!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Seriously though your criticism to these kids is not helpful in the least bit. They asked for ways to help this problem not for a reply of "buy better genetics."
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    2008 Show Heifer Pics

    I can't see any pics
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    first fair with tie outs

    I think this is where there is a difference between US and Austrailia. Over here, tie outs are only for the night. We do not keep them there during they day; not very many, if any at all see the cattle while in tieouts. So for me as well, there is no real need for a divider in the tie out area.
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    first fair with tie outs

    When I tie out, I use the 'cross tie' method. First I tie the halter lead at a comfortable level with a little bit of slack and to a vertical part of the pannel so they cannot slide back and fourth. Then I tie the neck tie but i do not tie it in the same spot as the halter lead. I tie it down...
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    show heifer

    I agree to a certain extent. But with right amount and brand of feed I think she will do just fine.
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    I don't think that the hair thing will ever go away. I just don't. I guess I'll put what Im tryin to say into different words. Yes. We do want these kids to learn to raise structurally correct cattle. I've seen so many cattle that are not structurally correct; in fact, i've owned a few myself...
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    VCC is absolutly correct. This project is not ONLY about raising the best steer with the least amount of flaws. Yes, that is the major factor to it but if you can take good and make it look better, why not? There are a lot of steers that you would be terrible disappointed in when they are wet...
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    Steer's ankles are popping

    Natural Stride. It's expesnive but it works like a charm! You can get it from sullivans or straight off their site.
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    Prospect steer question?

    I see where you are coming from and in my mind you are partially right. Industry standards do not want a steer that big on the rail but where I don't agree with you is that som of these steers NEED to be that big in order to be properly finished. And also some of these steers that are weighing...
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    Disposition vs Smarts

    The only thing that I can think of would to turn circle after circle after circle. Im sure you know that when they can'[t turn in a circle very fast. Does he walk fast even when there is another bull in front of him?
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    *UPDATE* Steer that won't eat.

    The NILE is a fun show...just do not go up there hoping to make the big bucks...but with that being said I probably had the most fun there. As for the steer, try the powdered pobias. Feed it once a day along with appetite express. See how that works. Then, about 2 weeks out from the NILE, start...
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    Advice Needed!!! Please Help!

    Try tying him to a sturdy fence and petting/brushing him there. It sound to me that the only time you comb or do anything is when he is in the chute. Just go slow. Start at his shoulder. Talk to him the entire time and do get too loud. Work your way back and fourth and he will eventually calm...
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    Beet pulp

    I like to feed beet pulp wet. I have never really noticed a difference between feeding it wet or dry but they seem to like it better wet. I guess how essential to the heifer depends on the heifer. If you have a flat sided heifer she should probably get some and maybe even a little alfalfa. But...