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    Raw Milk

    I have milk in the fridge dated 10-30-12 that is still good, gave it too the cats. So I guess at least 10-11 days so far. I put the milk in an ice chest of water/ice to bring the temp down quickly. It stay in this cold water till I need more room then it goes to the fridge. I can hold 8 gallons...
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    Your Favorite Sires

    He's a potential carrier of a defective gene CA - Contractural Arachnodactyly. I wonder if he's being tested for it? Blessings Valerie
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    Your Favorite Sires

    Our Trust calves look good as well. Blessings Valerie
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    Raw Milk

    Can anyone tell me the shelf life (fridge shelf that is lol) for raw milk? I realize it won't spoil but sour so I'm asking how long it will stay sweet. Thanks Blessings' Valerie
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    We also stopped having scour troubles when we started using calf guard (oral to calves) and vaccinating them after all have calved and calves are at least one week old with MLV same as they will get at weaning. Blessings Valerie
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    Bred Cow Prices ?

    What sale? I heard they were getting really pricey! Blessings Valerie
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    Bull Breeding Age

    Vet told us 1 cow per month of age as a rule - that's after he passes his test. I have been told to use more than one and switch them every 2 weeks to allow them time to rest and regain strength. Some won't eat when cows are in heat. Blessings Valerie
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    Bottle calf bloating

    A neighbor feeds his clean bright straw when they bloat, he swears by it. We've never tried it although hubby has heard of it from long ago! Blessings Valerie
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    ced ?

    Those EPDs won't mean much if the heifers don't have large enough pelvic scores to have a calf safely. It's $2 a head here to have the vet check them, those that aren't large enough go to salebarn. Blessings Valerie
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    Corn & Fertilizers

    Garden: kelp,compost,fish emulsion, sugar. Blessings Valerie
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    BW in Angus breed

    A geneticist told me low birthweight and high WW/YW were antagonistic, BUT, there were exceptions to the rule. He said to search out the exceptions. Calving ease "CED" take all things including actual birthweight into considerations. Beef specialist said this EPD was most accurate. Keep the CED...
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    Ambidextrous Jersey - LOL

    Thanks TB... we are having fun making butter and soon , maybe, I 'll learn to make cheese. :lol2: Blessings Valerie
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    blood in milk

    Thanks bigbull338, we are too!!! Cats aren't too impressed though! :lol2: I have soooooo much milk, we are stealing cream and making butter. I've ordered some kits to make cheese, we'll see how that goes. Sold a few gallons to friends. I have an ice chest with water and then 2 liter bottles of...
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    EPD's can you really trust them?

    Keep in mind the EPD's are designed to keep the playing field even and have the environment effects removed. They tell you the differences for animals in the same grouping. As dun said, accurate to about 2/3 's of the time. Blessings Valerie
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    angus bulls , thickness , with frame

    I read an article in the Angus Journal (I think that was the magazine), they said Angus have the genetics for both tall and short animals. The southern climates bring out the tall animals and the northern climates bring out the short animals. I guess that makes sense as short is easier to retain...
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    Ambidextrous Jersey - LOL

    We have graduated from taking 2 of us 1.5 hours to milk her down to 36 minutes for 2 of us to milk her.... She sure is patient with us, God made her for a family cow. Milkers are so expensive! Haven't been able to find a reasonable priced one close. May have to see if they can rebuild the surge...
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    blood in milk

    In a 2 gallon bucket... 1 scoop oats (scoop holds about 2.5lbs cracked corn), 1 scoop 14% ground high fiber feed, 1 cup dry molasses, 3/4 c soybean meal, fill rest of bucket with 12% high fiber feed ( High fiber feed contains: 1/3 soyhulls, 1/3 corn gluten, 1/3 (25% oats-75%ground corn)...
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    blood in milk

    Thanks, I was beginning to think I was seeing things lol. Guess we have a week or so to go. She's up to a pint shy of 2 gallons at a milking along with calf sucking. Blessings Valerie
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    blood in milk

    Calf born week ago tonight, the coaggulated blood I'm straining out is almost totally gone , just a few really tiny flakesnow. But, there is still a pinkish ring between the light yellow cream and the milk. I assume this is blood in the milk? Do I also assume correctly that I shold wait till...
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    Randi, I was told to choose bulls that are +marbling,+rib eye and negative on fat. I try to keep marbling and rib eye EPDs close to the same so as stack ability to raise both at the same time ( they are antagonistic - raise one lowers the other) but geneticist said there are exceptions to the...