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    Grinder/mixer suggestions

    I expected them to be cheaper also. I am going to look at the 1250 on Tuesday. It's 3,700 with a few small issues. The other guy that has 5 different ones is an Amish guy and they all repaint everything they sell which I'm not a big fan of. He has some from 4,250-11k. They are going for more...
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    Grinder/mixer suggestions

    Hey guys I have decided that it's time I start grinding my own feed. I am going through about 80-100 ton a year so not much in the scheme of grinding your own. I am doing mostly pig feed for pasture pork and feeding out some steers. My budget is about 4-8k. I have some older mechanical drive CIH...
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    Concrete Pad for feeding cattle

    Crushed concrete pad and thats coming from a concrete contractor. All my pads are crushed and easily scraped with a skidsteer. Dont waste your money on concrete.
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    can she be bred to a bull?

    Ohiobeef I guess she is the right size if her moms 1700 lbs if you figure 65% mature weight at 14 months. In my hereford world of 1200-1300lb cows she's enormous.
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    can she be bred to a bull?

    If she is that big at 14 months she needs a diet ASAP. Then get her bred. That big she has gotta be on full feed and if that is the case she will have problems calving or even getting bred. Either way she is plenty big enough but she should be cycling already.
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    SHF Wonder

    Hopefully I wanted to see a lot of his bulls. Problem is they are all multi owned so who knows.
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    SHF Wonder

    Heres a few thoughts. Redeem 30 straw/ 100 a cert so hes out for you if Wonder is too expensive. I have calves dropping now from him and they look good. No pigment and not small as far as birthweight. 94 and 90lb heifers. If it was me I would try Limelight, Kennedy, or Literal. Also...
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    Shot of resflor......NOW WHAT?

    2x texas. Check the temp in two days and its high give another shot. If not let it be unless the calf is acting weird. The banamine will work in a an hour or two and break the fever. Its amazing once you drop the fever how the animal responds.
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    I'm Racist ?????????

    IABEEF did you accidentally press 2 with your response LOL. Three main problems that suck this country dry 1. Anchor babies 2. Welfare and child bearing rights while on it 3. Lifetime disability for those that arent really hurt Are you still a racist if you hate everyone? LOL
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    Anyone w/ experience w/ frozen hooves on valuable calves?

    Glad to hear there is some progress.
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    Chain store RANT

    M5 my prices got cut 30% and my employees stayed the same or more. Just because you pay you employees a decent wage doesnt mean you now have the right to not be competitive. I mean hey I can charge the high rates from 2008 and pay my guys great but it wont matter because we will all be outta...
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    Chain store RANT

    Sim I start my laborers at 14 bucks an hr and I cant even find good ones that show up. They are robbing you at 10/hr.
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    Chain store RANT

    I've been skimming this thread and its kinda funny how everyone says support their local business even if prices are higher. I have as a contractor lowered my prices about 30% in this bad economy did the local store. No they still roll up in their mercedes and charge 10 bucks more for a sheet...
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    Skidsteer tracks

    Foam filled is a must with over the tire tire tracks. They are great as far as demo or solid ground. As far as mud with foam filled and tracks you may move better without any tires on you will be so heavy.