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    Single axle day cab/40’ ground load

    I see way more hired 28'-32' trailers around here. Those guys stay busy with a couple different barns around the area. Like Aaron said above most couldn't get a 40' in a place.
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    Wind Rain and Fly control minerals

    I would read the tag before you put out salt. Some mineral does not require or advise salt to be fed separately. I have always found usage ebbs and flows depending on forage quality and type but will average closely to the quoted consumption rate. You have to keep it in front of them though...
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    CT Roll-Call

    Here. I don't log in as much as I use to. Switched jobs and kicked the habit for about 6 months but been browsing some as of late.
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    Blue sounds right now that I see it typed.
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    I plan to do a little scouting around when we visit my MIL this summer or early fall. She lives North of the Tri-Cities area. Her husband was talking about maybe planning an elk hunt in the mountains which he said I think was around 100 miles from them. These farm raised chukars down here...
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    Excellent info, thanks. My son and one of his friends, both 12, had a great time shooting the planted birds this weekend. The boys shot pretty good but the Dad's got to knock a few out of the sky as well. Boys are ready to go back.
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    Unfortunately my pockets aren't that deep but man that look like a great place. I hear the Dakotas are the place to go for pheasants. Maybe one day.
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    It all sounds good except that word "substantial". "Minimal" payment has a better ring to it. :lol:
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    I've done some googling and searching but really looking for a first hand account rather than the reviews these guides post on their website or facebook page. A buddy and I are taking our sons tomorrow for their first hunt. Will have some chukar and pheasant planted for them. The boys are...
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    Upland Bird Hunting

    I've been doing a little bird hunting with a couple of buddies at one of those buy your bird places. It's a lot of fun but I'd love to get out and chase some wild birds with our dogs. Anybody have any guides, outfitters, or public land they would recommend? Quail and pheasant are probably the...
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    personal news

    Prayers sent PDF.
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    What does Heat run a bag approximately? I just bought Purina W/R Fly Control medicated 5600 this morning and it was $35.50/bag I believe.
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    Mortgage - Loss Payee

    The loan could be modified and a Change of Terms Agreement signed in order to release the old tractor and then add the new one. We do collateral swaps all the time but yes, both the bank and the borrowers would sign a new agreement. TB is right too; the actions of a borrower can trigger...
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    West and Midwest Pair Demand?

    I was told good quality young commercial pairs brought as high as $2100 last Saturday here in MO. I can't imagine much higher but who knows.
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    Mortgage - Loss Payee

    I would guess the equipment was used in lieu of a down payment. I've had to do this a couple of times to get the loan to an adequate loan to value for approval.