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    Glade Springs, VA

    Yep. Phil Justis was one of the older gentlemen that was part owner. He and the McNeese’s ran it together. Phil was a good guy from my experiences with him.
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    Glade Springs, VA

    Have y’all taken any to the East Tennessee Cattle Alliance Preconditioned sale they have at Greeneville different times throughout the year? I’ve started taking my calves that meet the criteria there instead of the regular Saturday sale, and think it’s worth the extra inputs for what they...
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    Hello from Minnesota!

    Welcome from Tennessee!
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    Howdy from North Central Texas

    Welcome from Tennessee!
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    Sick Heifer

    I’m sorry to hear that. It’s always hard losing one, but it sounds like you did everything you could to try to help her. Hoping the rest of your calves stay healthy and have better days ahead.
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    Sick Heifer

    Hope she pulls through for you. It’s crazy how fast they can go downhill sometimes. How old is she?
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    Georgia run off today.................

    Thanks Hurley. I’ll take my son out for an ice cream cone....It’s the principle. If it was the other way around, would you like your tax dollars, no matter what amount, going to a conservative network that pushed for Donald Trump, or any other agenda you didn’t support? If they want to have the...
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    Selecting bulls for new farm

    If you go with a Simmental, I would make sure it’s Homozygous black so you don’t wind up with the occasional red calf out of BWF cows.
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    Georgia run off today.................

    And it makes me sick my tax Dollars go to pay for that crap!
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    Alabama vs OSU

    I wish they could both lose somehow. Lol. My only hope is if Saban wins another championship he will say that’s good enough and retire so the rest of the SEC can have a shot again someday. The Alabama bandwagon fans around here make me sick.
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    Cows life in the balance after horrible calf pull

    I’m Sorry to hear that. That’s sounds like a rough day for all of y’all. It sounds like you have done everything you can to give her a chance. I hope she pulls through for you. It seems like it’s always the favorite ones that run into trouble.
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    Alabama vs ND in the Rose Bowl

    It will be Alabama- Clemson AGAIN in the championship. I would have liked to have seen several other teams besides ND and Ohio State in the playoff. The best bowl game I’ve seen so far this year was Liberty and Coastal Carolina.
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    New heifer!

    That’s a nice looking heifer. I would be excited about her too! Love that red.
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    Hereford bully

    That’s a great Christmas present. It’s always good to have a win like that after something bad has happened.
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    Ear tags

    We’ve always had good luck with the z tags. We just write on ours with the marker though.