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Do You still raise corgis ?? We have last of 4 generations. wife interested in red/white
female (like her first). Really like what I've seen of your litters. You have any available on
Wilson Lamar Parmer, DVM
[email protected]
You are getting some really bad advice on sighting in your 25-06. Go to a different forum or better find someone you know that is a good gun guy and have them help you. 2-300 yards is simple and you don’t need any special equipment or scopes but someone to explain it is priceless.
saw your post on thr red river crabgrass.....wondered how it has worked out for in middle tn as well.........thinking of doing the same
I enjoy doing to photo contest. I didn't say it over the boards but the winners I'd message letting them know they won let them pick if they wanted a prize or to pick the next months topic. 😓 I've only been here since 2011 guess you know so much more than me.


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Them are from NewMoo


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Cousin had a registered Guernsey herd. Some nice ones, but some others looked a lot like deer.

DId you consider crossing Guernsey with any other breed?
Have 2 guernsey/hol crosses that were bred guernsey.... 2 bull calves. They are bred angus right now since my ankle replacement last feb.... and the possibility of the knees this winter. Will start again next time to breed back guernsey. Once my knees are working, I ought to be in pretty good shape.
How do your Jersey x Guernsey all channel crosses work out?
The jersey/guernsey crosses seem to have more "stamina " than the straight guernseys. "G's" have been so inbred in this country trying to get more "dairy type" and milk that they are so "fragile".... I am trying to get more git up and go in the guernseys with the jersey infusion. Then will go back and breed back to a guernsey. I just like the old style guernsey.
I wrote a longer comment but it keeps saying I have more than 420 characters so it wouldn't take it. We use this same type of format on Backyard Herds and there is no restrictions on length because I have written and post LONG posts. This is ridiculous. The crossebred dairy heifers are going on a dairy this year as I need to get both knees replaced.
Just bought a house, trying to get it worked on so I can move. Paying both rent and a mtg is a PITA. Can't get people to work, good ones are all busier than he// and the lazy ones won't work anyway. What is it with this 420 restriction?