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Brahma Bull

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Feb 5, 2007
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Hallettsville Texas
Wow never seen so many Brahma cows on the internet as there in South America.Guess they found a easy and free way to advertise their cattle.Kind of tricky to find them searching.But type in Indubrasil click search.Then you can surf from there.See lot of Gir mostly and some Nelore and Guzzeret and Indu-Brazil.One cattle drive crossing a river I saw must of been several hundred head Brahma cows.
Most all of it is in Spanish.Great to watch.
I just put a few photos in photo gallery/Bull Session,ranchers.net.My black-n-white speckle brahmas.Still like to have few of those brahma cows I saw on Youtube in South America.Will have to try getting photos here on cattle today.

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