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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Does anybody know anything about zebras? Do you have to have a liscence or permit? Are they hard to breed to horses & donkeys, or raise zonkeys, zorses or zonnies? Just wondering on account we were looking into buying one by fall.
Ellie May
Ellie Mae,
zebras are really hard to train b/c they are wild animals and zebra crosses normally retain this "wildness" when you try to train them as well. but its doable.
the male in the mating has to be the zebra because zebras only have 44 chromosomes whereas horses have 64. the male has to have the smaller number of chromosomes. anyway, the offspring will be sterile. if you do a yahoo search for zorse and zedonk it should answer most of your questions.
Yeah I know that they are hard to train. We are planning on buying a bottle fed one hopefully that will help some. Just like the Mustang & buffalo which we have & had both they are also hard to train. Our buffalo never even met a human till we got them now the eat out of the bucket. I have been all over the internet just wanted to know if anyone on here knew anything. Someone told me they have weak backs & cannot be ridden. I don't think it's true but I don't know.
Ellie May
There is a sale in Prague OK called Ensign Livestock. 4 or 5 times a year they have an exotic sale where they sell everything from water buffalo to monkeys to zebras to kangaroos. Do not know their number but call and talk to Roger Ensign. He knows all about animals like this and can get you a very good deal on one.

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