Young Cow loosing weight and shaking back legs

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Jul 22, 2009
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We have a 3 year old Brangus cow that had her first calf in late Feb. She had been in great shape and is an easy keeper. All other cattle in the same pasture still look great. Last week we noticed her off to herself in obvious discomfort. She moves slow, and while standing still, extends her back leg and will shake it. This appears to be due to discomfort. She does this with both back legs. Our initial thought was some type of electrolyte problem. We put her in lot, gave IV with electrolytes, and minerals including mag and calcium. We also took the big calf off of her. We are about 1 week into this and don't really see any improvement. She spends most of her time laying down, but is still eating and drinking some. Are there any other ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
I wonder if it isn't stringhalt. Did she look stiff in the limbs before she started shaking? Do her shakes look spasmodic? I've heard brahman type and dairy cattle are more prone to the condition.
Either way it points towards a nervous problem if there is nothing wrong with her actual feet. You NEED to get a vet out to look at her. Because both are very serious issues.
Is there a chance it could be a pinched nerve in her back that could affect the back legs. We had a heifer do this after she was put in with the bull either way I'd be either talking to a vet or better yet get your vet to take a look.
Fireman75234":2fldzef8 said:
Yes I did look at her feet. They look normal. She was in a very dry area coastal grass.

...still could be foot rot, dry pasture - hoof splits - walks into watering area that's slightly muddy - and bang! foot rot

...I'd observe and if it hasn't resolved itself within a week, a vet and/or antibiotics are in order
You are correct. It did finnally show up as foot rot. She has responded well to treatment. Thanks.

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