Young Butler bull

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Jun 14, 2004
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Southern Middle Tennessee


Two year old Butler bull we're using on some Butler and blend cows. He belongs to a friend of mine in NC. You horn people might like him, others won't
Rustler9":wnslkt1s said:
Yeah, probably not the best picture. He looks out of proportion but really isn't. Guess I need to get another shot of him.

I agree not the best pic, if it was posted by someone else I'd say a bad photo shop. I always enjoy your pics and love them Long Horns.

what I mean is, that even in conventional breeds 'balance' is one of the high things on my selection criteria - the animal has to look in proportion, and balanced, and get around the place with the same balance. too many 'horn' LHs I've seen here have these great huge hunkin heads and front ends, and the rest of the body seems to be tacked on as an afterthought, there is no balance to them, they look awkward and unbalanced and out of proportion. like a gawky teenager
I'll get another picture of him and post later. He's actually not out of proportion. That's not the best picture of him. But I will tell you that true Longhorns that have not been bred up with other blood are usually a little heavier in the front. I don't have a problem with cross breeding and Longhorns cross well with other breeds for a good calf that will grow well on less than alot of other breeds but I want to maintain the true Longhorn traits in my cattle. I hate to see them diluted like so many other breeds have been.

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