young beef to Japan

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Jul 10, 2004
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central Ill.
Well it looks like there is a good chance that Japan may take beef from cattle less than 2 :D Will that change your plans on selling or buying feeders to make sure they have the proper finish and still be within the age ''window''. Will more price be built into cattle that have been backgrounded? If they are going to ''mouth'' these cattle, will producers move them early to make sure they haven't cut there teeth early. Do you think the packers will use this to cut the price on cattle that appear to be over 2 years of age? It will be very interesting to see if cattle will be aged before they are purchased, or if the buyers will just eyeball them and hope they guessed corectly.
I think it will improve the market for source verified cattle.

It will help the market there is no doubt about it! The reason I posted was after the mad cow deal in Wash. State the buyers at the local barn went nuts. There were no regs. in place or talkk of any, but they took it upon themselves to severely discount cattle that ''looked''' like they had any age. I wonder if they will do it again if there are no guidelines from the packers or the gov. I would hate to see people take a beating on fats just because they did not look like a calf! Most of the fats in my area go thru the barns to packer buyers and they are not above taking advantage of the situation. We have an IBP plant north west of us on the river, but most feeders are to small to sell direct.
Which brings us back to the source verified stuff doing better in the market.


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