You like big butts? Part III

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Well I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too!

Shorthorn bull in his working clothes (end of joining 60 cows)...



Ok OK enuf of these pics of big butted cattle. How about some pics of some big butted wimens :lol2:

Really nice bull by the way. It's hard to beat a good shortie and he's a good one.
The bull is so good looking that you can keep him as a front pature ornament.
It would be great if all Shorthorns were even half as good as him. He is very impressive. Shorthorns have improved so much in our country in the past ten years or so. There are still a few slab sided ones away from the good solid country out west. Coastal ones aren't much good. The poll Shorthorns up the road from me are just passable. The females are crying out for a Brahman or South Devon over them. The sires the gent uses are too high a frame score without much hindquarter.
He's my baby :heart:
by Scotty out of a fantastic old Trevino cow, who herself is just awesome. I have pics of her on my phone, will try and find them but they're probably not great quality.
His calves tale after him, soft, muscular cattle, with feminine females and masculine males

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