you all anit gonna belive this - part 1

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Jan 14, 2006
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ok heres one of these stories to crazy not to be true.. its so long i have to break it up in to 2 parts. so grab a cup of coffee, try not to spew it on your screen,, make me wonder.. am i a crazy magnet or what?

Doug and I went to farm for the weekend . packed up gear and dogs{ blue ,abby, and Nellie, amanda's dog}. We leave the dobbie brothers at home to hold the fort down. They are king Doberman, weight ..axp 85 lbs . I leave my ft porch door open so the boys can get food without me feeding all the birds in the country. But I had my living room door closed and locked w/ a eye and hook lock. So the boy wouldn't sleep on the sofa all weekend.
Jainie called me sat nite the boys were having a fit about something, we figured that a cat had the bad luck and jumped the fence and was treed in the yard. Sunday eve we came home, me and the dogs left first, doug stayed to make sure the fire was out,
When I got home the boys were acting strange. Like they were scarred or the had did something.. came in the house my living room door was closed but unlocked, figured the boys had banged it and it came unlocked. Came in living room , I had a box of pic on the sofa which was now on the floor with half of the in the lid, I thought what happen.. then I noticed that one of my dog bowls was setting in the middle of the living room with about 8 to 9 empty beer cans in it and about 10 or 12 empties laying around the bowl.. now what the …….
Then I noticed a pair of jeans laying in the floor and someone had pooped thair pants! I was a good thing I still had my blue Doberman in the truck, I carried some bags to the house and was going back to let them out. I started walking thru the house and I the dinning room in the shadows. I can in to someone who at first I thought was a cave woman.. then I realized…there is no cave woman now !!. it was my x sister in law Karen.. who is abig druggie…I hadn't seen her in yrs she had only been at our house once when her and tim was married.. we knew she was trouble. And I didn't care for her.. here recently she had moved in apt down the rd from us.. how she made it up the rd ill never know. She had several strokes that were drug induced. Can barely walk. On a good day.. and how she got past the dogs… the only thing I can think of it flipped them out she was out of it.. and more than likely didn't even know they were there….
At first I screamed. Then I yelled at her what are you doing in my house? She was trying to talk but voice was so slurred. I found my self trying to understand her.. and thought no….. it don't matter what she has to say.. this hep ho,,has to leave my house… I told her to leave.. and what was she thinking coming to my house unattended and uninvited…. Then she tells me well you were here… I start yelling at her so not so nice words.. telling her she is leaving my house when I notice the short she has on is mine!!!!! I had left them on the back of the sofa and forgot to take them w/me to the farm.. now im a size 9 and she is about a 3 or 4 so you could imagine how they were fitting .. she stumbling thru the house rolling the top of the shorts down saying "I just can keep theses shorts up" oh that was it I lost it and yelled at her again… "if you hadn't broke in someone house drank all dougs beer and XXX your pants you woulnt have that prob.
If were for what she may have, I would of choked her.. but I kept thinking about all the nasty X she has running thru her body..yike ……then she told me Amanda said she could come over.i told her Amanda doesn't live here any more she not even in this state! By now im . I am so mad…I start pushing her thur the dinning room and telling her I call en the cops.. she oh no don't call the cops.. they'll be mad at me cause im drunk. Then she stops at the frig and grabs dougs last beer.. while im pushing her to the living room. Saying oh thats it.. your XXX is out of here..whlie im on the phone to 911 I here…… shhhhhhh as the beer opens she sitting on the sofa drinking a beer while im talking to the cops…
you have been having a rough time of it.i would flipp out if i found some1 in the house.