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Last year was the year of the bull around here. We also had a dry summer and hay harvest was well below normal. nobody got a third cutting and a lot didn't get a 2nd cutting.

Due to the high cost of hay and lack of land, I sent several 9-10 month old calves to the processor and sold 1/4 beef bundles. This program worked well considering I didn't have to winter the calves over.

On a mature steer, we have been averaging about 60% yeild (difference between live and hanging weight). The young calves that I have sent in have been averaging about 49% yeild. Has anyone had experience marketing young beef? Is the drop in yeild due to the age of the ainimal or do I need to adjust my feed program? Is 49% a respectable yeild for a calf of this age? The mature steers and calves were raised on the same feed program. Maybe I need to look at the feed program for the baby beef program if I continue the program to increase yield.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know what to say, except that I think your expectations are in line with reality. When we slaughter for our own use we generaly get between 55 and 60% yeild. That would be for calves weighing around 600 to 650#. Should also add that we're weighing them with eyeballs, not calibrated scales.


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