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Aug 15, 2006
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I was rideing "Buzzy" (powerchair) on the riverwalk,dodging branches when I noticed that one had EYES!!!! A Copperhead about 2ft long on the walkway! "Buzzy"shyed like it really was a pony (ok,my hand jerked) The darn thing just sat there,head up,watching me.. I wished for some blue paint,or at least a camera,but had neither.. I left it there,no way to kill it,and was in a park..
Peg, you are going to have to wear spurs when you ride Buzzy next time... :lol2:

I am glad, only this one time, that you did NOT take a pic.. ;-)

You be careful on your outings girlfriend.. :tiphat:
Better start carrying a hoe* with you on your outings. You sould never have to pass up a good opportunity to kill a snake because of lack of equipment.

*I am talking about the kind you use in a garden. Not the kind some people use on Sat. night.
I had my grabber stick and my hickory cane,but I didn't want to get that close..or bring a stick in the house I'd whaked a snake with!!
Hey,did y'all see that new one seater electric car they'r bring out? If I carry an umbrella,I got that!! A convertable even! :lol2: Honestly,I can run 3 miles before the charge lights start going out! Not much is out of reach in this small town,but I can't carry much.
Have sort of a pack saddle on one arm,and a kangroo pouch on the back. Found a sorta fannypack that Ive put on the back also.. Gotta watch and not let anything rub on the wheels. I get to go to "Yesterfest" downtown today for the first time. :banana:
Oh,got some photos on a disc,when my son shows me how,I'll show you where I live. :wave:
Yep. Its a shame you didn't have any indiglo blue paint to mark the critter before it either bites someone or gives someone a heart attack. Gotta ask you a question. Did you SEE the snake or did your subconcious mind SEE the snake? (if this makes any sense) I sometimes wonder if we are not hard-wired in our brains from some primeaval instinct to pick up on snakes in our subconcious mind's eye. Lots of times I'll pick up on them when I don't really see them. (I hope this makes sense)
I was bird watching and moved over to miss a "stick" when it looked at me.. I'm real bad about not seeing snakes. Never been bitten,mabe they don't see me ether.. I'm looking now,guess I'd gotten out of the habit.
I got better batteries and get about 10 miles now even with some hills. I ride an OmegaTrac powerchair, the wife is on my lap and used to haul my Service Dog on a rear shelf and still got over 10 miles before a re-charge. I have 10 laptop type 12 volt batteries wired onboard. Faster recharges also. Keep wheel'n.

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