Yearling replacements and ornaments

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
It’s been dry here so feeding everything a little.
Here are a few yearling replacements, along with some colorful pasture ornaments. The Jersey is said to be an AI calf from the nurse cow we bought. She’s been cycling since about 5 months old. The belted heifer is off of the belted cow I posted about in another thread.
The RWF and BWF heifers are home raised as are all the other black or red calves in the background.
She’s the only one with horns, must be a shadow or something in the background.
Some of the 22 I bought here while back, are colored just like her. Lightest one is 1600 lbs and the heaviest is a hair over 1800lbs. They all had black polled calves, bred to a Chi-Angus bull, and all 22 of them have horns.

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