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May 4, 2009
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Just wondering if anybody has any information about this bull. He is out of ABS and looks like a good bull, I just wanted to know how his calves are. I worry they might mature into too big of cows.
I am breeding to him for the 3rd year. I have yearlings by him and I love them. He is super easy calving, great vigor, grow well, lots of rib & muscle with a clean feminine front end. I just sold two cows with Beef Maker heifers at side and they were very well received. Lots of compliments.
The calves are about 1 month old in pics.
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i HAVE BEEN USING WS BEEF MAKER R 13 on heifers for 3 years and he is a really easy calver most of his calves are in the 65 to 75 lb range. He really puts alot of muscle on his calves. Bull calves out of Beef Maker averaged 680 lbs at 205 days and 1230 lbs at 365 days. His heifer calves averaged 620 lbs at 205 days. We use him mostly because he is a red / non-diluter / his API and TI is best in the breed for PB Red Simmental. Also, if you use him on red cows with blazed faces he will usually leave that blaze on their face but remove all other traces of white. let me see if I have some pics:

Hope this was helpful.............
Have used him for 2 years, good calving ease, feminine heifers, masculine bulls, lots of width w/o sacrificing length. Have not experienced so far the low BW the others have reported but they are smooth shouldered and come easy. So far the only thing I don't like is he tends to throw a black pigmented nose but if the calves perform as adults like they have as babies I'll attempt to overlook that. :p If I have time I'll try to get some pics this weekend to post.
thank you to all the replies and pictures. Looks like he throws some nice calves! I bred one of my cows to him and I have a hard time waiting to calving season to find out more about him. I should get a nice calf from the looks of the calves. I got a nice calf out of her as a heifer from a UGLY calving ease bull. so this time i went for a nicer bull.
This day & time, you should NEVER have to sacrifice growth, phenotype, or any traits important to YOUR herd, just to get a calving ease bull. Breeders have been doing a great job, in all breeds, bucking the antaganistic traits to get calving ease bulls with all the "fixings".
This bulls numbers are unbelievable - literally. But, his calves are really starting to prove them.
Utah. Simmental are not very popular in utah mostly angus and herfords.
If I'm correct you managed to find a couple of Simmi's in Utah. How is the Invasion heifer coming along? I'll have to stop by some time and see her. I like Beefmaker, I've thought about using him on a red cow we have. The only question I have for you is do you want the red gene in the herd? We'll see you at the fair.
She looks great,I just AI'd her on sunday to In Dew Time. I used some of that sorted semen to get a heifer from her. How have her litter mates ended up? I got her up to the Aggie Clasic and down to Spanish Fork this year and have had a better time showing her than last years heifer. That heifer last year has a nice bull on her though, he had a 670 205 with no creep.

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