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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
Just interested if anyone has grown or knows of anyone that has grown field peas & fed straight to their cattle? I know that you can buy field pea hay & feed it out that way. After reading an article in the dairy newsletter we planted 2ha of field peas as we were told you can graze them (cattle) - now no one that we talk to knows at what height, stage or even if the cows will eat them ????? :roll: :roll: internet searches have turned up not much at all.
Last year on the uni farm, we planted field peas and wheat together - the wheat holds the peas up, otherwise they just sprawl on the ground, which I guess would be okay for just grazing, but we initially wanted to cut for hay.

Well the hay didnt happen cos of the way the season went, so we ended up just turning the sheep in. We grazed it just as the wheat was beginning to make a head, and the peas were just beginning to flower.

Sorry I cant be more specific than that

I know the sheep ate em really well so I imagine the cattle would eat them no problems
Thanks Keren
I found plenty of information on when to plant them, where they grow best & the best varieties but not to grow them with something else otherwise we would have grown oats in with them.
I know very little but my Dad said that field peas and oats together made the best hay in the world. The only field I ever saw planted straight was combined and I got to grind the peas. I know they ground HARD! Sorry I can't be more help.
Thanks for the help seems like field peas are a mystery. We're going to plant the rest of the peas in with oats & make either hay or silage out of it. :wave:
Field peas are commonly grown around here, but very, very rarely are they fed to cattle in any form other than the straw after combining. They are simply worth too much to be fed to cattle. We have fed split/off sized peas as grain ourselves, but never any other way. If they are baled in the right stage, they make super feed. The only thing I could think of is that if you turned the cattle in there when there were a lot of peas you might run into bloat issues.

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