Would you apply litter now??

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Jan 2, 2004
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Neighbor got his barns cleaned out early the month but it has been too wet to put it on. Now starting to dry up but is it bad to put it on and not get a rain on it for a while?

Do you lose much nutrient value while it waits on a rain? Am I risking any grass damage?
id go ahead an spead the litter on your fields now.it should still be wet enough that it makes them grow.my friends spread litter when its dry.an i dont think they loose any of it.itll get the grass growing good when it rains.
I prefer late august for putting it on
can you pile and pack the litter tightly if so you it won't lose hardly any nutrients just make sure it doesn't catch fire in the pile

I I don't think it would hurt to put it on now but I am not sure about loss of nutrients

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