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Feb 22, 2007
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This pic sums up my problem with EXT bred cattle-I took it with a 12X zoom are they any cattlemen astute enough to pick out the EXT bred cow. At one time I had close to 100 of them but they've culled themselves down to a precious few.
:lol: . I have never had problems with my EXT cattle, but from what others have said on here, I can see the reason for culling. Great picture tho...
That is exactly the opposite of the 2 EXT sons and 7 daughters we have. We used both bulls as show calves and one heifer. One of the bulls was gentle enough to be broke by my 14 yr old daughter by herself in one weekend. Even the ones that never were used as show calves are very gentle. I my expereince this is an undeserved reputation.
You can probably pet and groom a hyena till it gets half quiet but get a bunch together and run them like ordinary ranch cattle and that Well Deserved EXT disposition rises to the top-just sorted another four off to ship because of it.
:D Her half-sister outside my window lets us close enough to milk her in the paddock every morning. EXT cattle seem to respond well to taming, but those of mine I've not spent much time with are jumpy when I have to work them.
That don't bother me one bit.......the ones I cull are the ones that see me, lower their heads, and LAUNCH in my direction!!
I'm going to say the 1 standing getting ready to run. If they like that out in the paddock what are they like when you put them in a set of yards?
don't know what qualifies as an ordinary ranch these days but we are running 75 cows on about 200 acres. So they are not all show cattle. Just a couple.

But maybe it is how that hyena is handled on a daily basis more than the bloodline. Could the problem lay in how the operators work their cattle. I sorted 39 cows into three different groups the other day by myself by taking my time and moving among them slowly with out raising my voice.

If you want to give me those crazy EXT momma's I will arrange for shipment.
Well when you have five or six hundred head that my kids can all handle easily on foot or on horseback and one bloodline changes that I'd say it's the bloodline. too bad I didn't know your fervour for EXT before I canned a couple triaxle loads.

wonder what is on the other side of that pedigree?

maybe it was where you purchased them from????? Was the high headed girl an AI calf?

Maybe I have lucked out with some really docile dam's.

Sorry they don't work for you.

With that many head, our operations are markedly different. If we both checked our cows with the same frequency I would be visiting each cow 10X more often than you. So maybe it really is how they are handled and not the bloodline?????
George, the thing you fail to recognize he has many other animals and they are not crazy. Are you saying he checks his other cattle more than the ext's. Maybe it is the bloodlines.
There's a wayyy too much anecdotal evidence about EXT's disposition problems to think it's any thing but hereditary-the bad ones are too rotten to bother with the bloodline at all on any large scale.
If it is heredity how can any EXT why is my experience so different from others? They are at least half related and should be at least 1/2 high headed.
If I have calm EXT offspring and others have crazies, there seems to be two factors that are overlooked. Enviroment and the genetics of the dam. It is easy to say that some cows are crazy because of the sire. I liken this to blaming all calving problems on the sire when I feel the environment and the mother contribute to at least 2/3 or more to the weight of the calf!
I've got friends all over the western states and Canada that have had bad EXT experiences-if he nicks with that many different bloodlines and causes troubles I definately would suggest it's hereditary-from wehat I understand Emulation 31 had some attitude troubles also. I just think that genetically it's not worth it to rol;l the dice and use him on any large scale-a few head are not much to cull if they get bad but you start doing bigger A'I projects of several hundred head it can get dicey.

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