Worming on breed day

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May 3, 2014
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Does anyone drench worm on or close to breeding day? Pulling ciders tomorrow on a group of heifers so thinking about doing it while they are in the chute. Can that affect conception rates any? I used to give them all the vaccinations on breed day, but I could tell a noticeable difference in pregnacys. I am using valbazen drench. Could this hurt anything?
I would call the tech service for your drench provider.

I think the general point on increasing preg rate is to reduce stress, so I would not drench them w/o some supporting data.
Technically I can't see how it would hurt however personally when I'm breeding them I am focussed on getting them in calf so I am not prepared to risk any disruption to them. I make sure all husbandry procedures are done and out of the way well before breeding day.

Albendazole, the active ingredient in Valbazen, has been identified as a potential teratogen.
I've not looked at the label recently, but recommendations *used to be* - don't use it in the first trimester of pregnancy and the month or so prior to conception.
I called zeotis today. (However that is spelled) the lady told me that I would be fine. Just not to use it the first 45 days after breeding. Still has me worried. Running them through the chute again later is not an option. They are going on grass a long ways from home with no working facility's.
Been a while since i read the label on Valbazen.Seems like they had warned against using it the first 45 days and last 45 days of gestation.Never heard of a problem with the other white drenches.Label will tell you.Vet will tell you more.
Parasites and flukes are terrible here. If we missed a deworming we would have serious problems. If I had to weigh the risks between MAYBE losing a pregnancy that hasn't even occurred yet, and missing a deworming...that's not even a hard choice. We would absolutely deworm.

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