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May 25, 2009
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Hi there!

I am from Austria and would love to work on a ranch that still uses horses for there work with cattle.
I know there are places, but it is mostly a tourist-thing and they charge crazy prices!

Does anybody know a place that would possibly take somebody for 1-3 weeks ? I am used to hard work and having the chance to also ride horses while doing the work, would even be just perfect!

Please let me know if you know a place or know somebody that knows a place like that.


Oh yes, that would be soooo great! Let me know as soon as you know something!

I really doubt that any ranch will let a stranger work cattle and ride their horses without references.

If you really want to do it. Save your money and go to a place that specializes in teaching folks how to do the job. They will have safe horses, experienced hands that will spend the time showing helping and showing you what to do.

The Bar H has European clients who come every year for the round up. My daughter worked there during college as a hand, and she said that is is one of the best. Nice people, with a friendly atmosphere. Everyone has a blast.

She really enjoyed it.

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