woody tongue

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> What is known of the cause of the
> infection, and what should a
> farmer do to avoid this infection.
> Thank you TG

TG- Wooden tongue usually comes about because of the feed they are eating. Anything with beards like barley or bearded wheat can cause injury or abrasions in the mouth that allow the microorganisms in. In our country mostly it and lump jaw are caused by foxtail in the hay.
You can't avoid all causes, but you can minimize them by having feed free from certain plant seeds ie awns. The infection travels along the foreign body wedged in a tooth sulcus, and then establishes in the jaw, often the lower jaw. This can occur in cattle and horses. For full information, look up "wooden tongue" on google.com
Well, gosh golly am I tired! I just told you how lumpy jaw happens! It is from a foreign body, but it affects the tongue (duh!!) and I don't think it affects horses. Still check it out on google....

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