Winter wheat pasture

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I have a small winter wheat pasture which I can supplement with coastal hay this winter...Is there any nutrional issues I should worry about for my horses if I let them free graze on the wheat and round bales? I am in central Tex.

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Not sure on the specifics. However, any grazing of equine or bovine on fresh green pasture should be limited...brief turnout. I would first feed a horse on the bermuda or similar grass hay, then turn out, so they didn't "pig-out" on the lush green forage. If a horse has a tendency to founder, then I would strictly limit the amount of time it's allow to graze on the green stuff.

Too much soft green grass without enough dry roughage can also pose a problem for constipation and/or impaction colic.

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Hope I am not too late on this one. Some horses may make it okay on the small wheat pasture, but BE CAREFUL! Many horses would not do well and risk colic or even founder. To us it was not worth the risk. We seperate our horses from winter wheat pastures and wheat hay.

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