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Winter waterer - Steve

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Apr 26, 2005
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Stratton, ON, Canada
Follow up on our previous discussion.

Got the waterer set up on Thursday while we had our one above-freezing day.

The company misunderstood me and sent me their high output pump. Usually is two smaller bilge pumps in tandem. It fills the tub in about 1/2 the time of the two smaller pumps.

This is the catch basin above the pump that keeps any debris from flowing back into the pump when it drains.

This is the motion eye.

This is the bottom of the tub. Water goes in at my thumb and is double walled to eventually drain back at my finger.

I can fit three group 31 batteries in the box, which is plenty for the number of cows I have on this system.

That is the specs for the batteries. Basically the longest amp hours I can get without breaking the bank.

To protect the cords I bury 1" poly from the steel casing. It also serves another purpose; as a drain when I don't get the steel culvert dead center with the poly culvert.

The charge controller. Again different from what I am used to, but it will work.

Mounted motion eye. I use a chunk of poly culvert to protect it from the elements. But even then, freezing rain at an angle can get on the eye and keep it from working - one of the occasional hiccups with the system. A lot of guys build an elaborate wooden box frame/shed around the eye to protect it entirely.

What I mentioned about not getting the 5' chunk of steel dead center with the poly. Some water drains back properly and some doesn't, so my line works as an overflow tube.

Complete system.

In action.



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