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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana

Lately these fine feathered friends have been showing up all over in the trees...One day I had 5 Bald Eagles and one big big Golden sitting in the trees right outside my office window...

Not only is it because of all the dead deer that have died with our tough winter conditions- but they love to keep and eye on where I feed at and get a tasty pheasant, grouse, or hun for an appetizer...

They usually show up in rough winters- and scavenger all the dead deer- which I don't mind-- but I do not like them hanging around after I start calving...Never had a problem- but they do give me the willies....One day I looked out where a cow had just had a calf- and 50 feet away were two bald eagles... They were just after the blood and afterbirth--but it sure got my heart to pumping...That year there was about a dozen that hung around until after the snow thawed all off....
There is a pair of eagles who have a nest by the river in the back of my pasture. So I have at least two here all the time. In the late fall when the salmon are in the river there can be a lot more. One of the things that is fun to watch is in the summer they will steal fish from the osprey that lives up river. The osprey catches a fish and the eagle takes after the osprey. The osprey drops the fish to get away from the eagle and the eagle gets a free fish.
I know what you mean about being nervous around calving. Watching one hop past a new born...... they sure look a lot bigger standing beside a new calf. But I never have had one bother a calf.

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