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May 23, 2007
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What size winch would you recommend for putting on a feed truck for a hay spear. I don't want an overkill but would like it to work decent. Thanks
Can you give more info? Not sure what you are trying to do. I have one on one of my trucks for a homemade bale bed, but not sure what you are talking about.
I bought an extra feed truck and it has a hay spear on it but the winch to attach to the hay spear is bad. So I just need to find out what size to put on it. The one thats on it is rusted up to bad to tell anything on it. The other truck has a hydraulic hay spear on it so can't get the info from there.
I guess Im not familiar with one of those. The one I made I kinda overkilled with winch size. But mine I just bolted right on the truck bed. Kinda depends on how much leverage you have, mine didnt have much the way I built it so I had to go pretty big. In your situation I guess I would start by looking at winches that have the same size cable. If it doesnt matter as far as size or shape of the unit (not sure if it goes in a special mount or anything on yours) I would suggest looking at and type winch in the search window. Here is the one I built;
You can get by with a smaller winch if you have it set up to double pull instead of single. The problems is that it's a whole lot slower. The way most of them work it takes a lot of leverage to lift the bale at first so I would go with a good 3000 lb winch as a minimum.

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