Will cows kill cogongrass?

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Mar 25, 2008
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I found a batch of cogongrass growing in some planted pines and this is my "eradication" plan for the spring.
Fence cows in on the thick patches and spot spray the outliers.
But, in a few places, the grass is 4ft tall and very coarse. Should I cut or burn the thick patches of grass now and let the cows graze it in the spring or will the cows still eat the grass when it's tall?
Also, how many times will I have to rotate the cows on the cogongrass before they kill it?

fyi, I live in FL not GA:)
Kill it. Don't know this for sure but I suspect if the cows eat it they can spread the seed just like clover. On top of that, the nutritional value of it stinks.
we're planning on turning the cows on it before it seeds, so we don't spread it anymore. Sure wish FL had a program like GA, this stuff is all over the place in the Panhandle.
I don't know if you can make cows eat it unless they are very hungry. I would spray it and make sure you clean your equipment before moving somewhere else. In Florida you should be able to get EQIP funding to help with spraying.
We have plenty in South Al. also and cows won't do anything to it. I have some in one pasture and all you can do is spray and spray again.
You are wasting your time with the cows on cogan grass, spray it and kill it.

As far as programs in Florida if you have a lot of exotic invasive species see list http://www.fleppc.org/list/07list.htm

If you have a lot of the plant you are trying to kill, and it is in Category I you can go to you local Florida NRCS office and sign up for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) to seek cost share in helping you remove the invasive species.

NRCS Florida EQIP was paying $80.00 an acre on Cogan Grass last year if you got into the program.