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Feb 24, 2007
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Got hit last night with a pretty nasty storm. High winds, heavy rain and hail. Got 1.35" out of it in an hour and a half.
Lost 17 acres of winter wheat and 6 acres of malt barley, that's what we know for use.
The pics show it better then I can tell it.





No it is not snow


That's a lot of ice that will melt into water. :) Good thing the hailstones weren't as big as your phone. :nod:

Hope we get some more rain soon.
Never seen that much hail. Glad you are OK. We had a burst of high wind the other day and it knocked a bunch of trees down. One large oak almost took out the courthouse. If only it had been taller.
Jogeephus":2uhpkmdn said:
Never seen that much hail. Glad you are OK. We had a burst of high wind the other day and it knocked a bunch of trees down. One large oak almost took out the courthouse. If only it had been taller.
May 2000 we had a storm come thru that laid hail down like that. Mostly pea to marble size. Did an A-1 job of stripping bark of cedar post and polishing up the old ones. Had high winds with it that tore up a lot trees breaking limbs and blowing them over. Some ended up with nothing but the stump standing with the limbs neatly in a pile 10 - 15 feet from the trunk of the trees. Had a 14x14 sliding barn door that failed, the wind blew it up into the rafters of the barn taking 2/5ths of the barn roof with it. Another pole barn about 1/4 mile away was blown away. Nothing left standing but the hay that was stacked in it. I had hay stacked on light poles at the time. The wind blew several bales off the stack and rolled them 100 yards away leaving them in the pasture. Corn that was growing had nothing but the stalk left. I had 6 acres of bermuda that was ready to cut. It was pulverized to the ground.
That sucks ILH sorry about your crop. The only thing that may save my @SS this year is the hay field we underseeded with oats, as it is the only thing that seems to be growing without moisture.

But with my luck this year it will probably get hailed out. Also this year is perfect for tornadoes and we had one touch down 45 minutes NW of us. We are 5 minutes from PIne Lake where that big tornado touched down in 2000 and killed alot of vacationers and destroyed alot of farm homes and buildings.
:heart: Herfs, I saw the storms on the Glasgow radar. Small but VERY intense with golf ball hail. You happened to be in the path of one. Good moisture but you sure didn't need the hail. Hope all comes out OK for you.
Having been raised in Texas all my life, I don't know any other norm for severe thunderstorms. However, when students (6th-8th) from the upper east coast or west coast experience their 1st major thunderstorm, they are terrified or amazed at the severity. I always thought that is how all storms are. When asked, they are always say it it the sound that is so scary.
Each area is different for storms ffamom. Had a storm hit up here back in '89 that dropped grapefruit sized hail. One went completely through a neighbors roof and put a dent in his chest freezer. :shock: :shock:

Got the claims adjuster coming out to look the crop damage over. hope they will let us hay what is left standing, cows will love it.

Got another line of storms coming right at us right now. Stretching north into Canada and as far south as the Montana- Wyoming border. Watches and warnings are going out like crazy.
Nasty little storm last night. Dropped .46" of rain in the rain gauge. Figured the winds that hit were around 50-60 mph or more. No I wasn't going outside to get a true reading on them. :D
Did knock over some more of the damaged wheat. :? Not much we can do about it.
Lighting was pretty wicked. I have seen worse though. There are reports of funnel clouds out of that storm.
Power got knocked out at around 5:30pm they finally got it back on after 6am. A major transmission line was knocked down, several power poles west of us were knocked down. Called in linemen from out of the county to come in and work on the mess. Lot's of crews out last night.

Forecasters are calling for more thunder storms today and tomorrow. Letting things dry out a bit and going to check our cattle. After that much lighting we need to make sure everything is still alive. :)
1982vett":1wbjda7v said:
May 2000 we had a storm come thru that laid hail down like that.

That storm was a little worse here. Not as bad as Cow Town got it tho. They had softball size hail that went through composite roofs, decking and into homes. There were an awful lot of injuries and even broken bones from that hail. Many brand new cars were a total loss from damage.

We lost every window out of every vehicle in that storm but our hail was only baseball sized where I live. The larger green and red items turned out to be peaches. The biggest peaches you'd ever seen. Did a tornado suck them out of an orchard in Parker County? Whatever the case, my yard was full of green and red peaches, along with the hail stones.
Where in Montana do y'all live?
Have a friend that was raised up in the north east part of the state and wants to return. Been looking at a few acres to farm but has been away foe so long that he has no ides of what alfalfa sells for or who will buy.
Susie I'm in north central. Your friend should not be surprised at how expensive land is now. My best suggestion is to find a place on the Fairfield bench area west of Great Falls. They raise some pretty darn good hay out there with the irrigation they have.
Get a good reputation and the hay would sell it's self. Have a family friend that raises irrigated hay outside of Billings and he has the first cutting sold before he even starts the swather.

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