why's she limping?

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Dec 17, 2006
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Hey, everyone. My quarter/percheron mare started limping with her left hind leg about a week ago. I checked her hoof and saw nothing stuck in it. I noticed there was swollen spot about the size of a golf ball(it wasn't sticking out that far just that big of area that was swollen out about a half an inch) on the hair line above the coronary band. Theres no sign of a wound of any sort near the swollen area. If I put pressure on the swollen spot, the horse would move her foot. And the spot was hot compared to the rest of the leg. I just want to know what might be wrong and how maybe I could fix it myself. I would appreciate any help from anyone. Thank you.
Most likely an abscess based on what you described. Can't dig that out so you just have to wait for it to blow out. If they are on the sole lots of times you can dig them out.
get a vet out to take a look and they can show you how to apply a medication and wrap to draw it out , and they may do a puncture/incision to relieve the pressure , will also need to soak it in a bucket of epsom salt to draw out the infection for a week or so. Don't just leave it alone .
The abcess is a self contained unit, you won't have to worry about any infection regardless if they are running around in the mud. The poltase and soaking and wraping give you something extra to do and may make you feel good but won't make anything heal any faster.
Had one of these tonight , horse owner that doesn't pay much attention to feet , absess right at the band , tender and had a crack about 3/4 of an inch below the band from the original injury to the hoof. Farrier , an old indian , really a horse whisperer kind of guy , scraped thru the bulging ridge and opened it up , oooze , pressure relieved , now soak for some days to keep it draining. Leave it alone and you'll possibly have more damage and a definitely a longer period of lameness.
We had a bull that had a bad abcess and we just let it "blow out" and it got really infected. Call a vet and they can lance it and drain it. Then it is only a matter of keeping it clean. Ours wan't good on the bull, and I know it wouldn't gp any better on a horse. The best of luck!
someone just gave a us a new horse about a week ago and we noticed a little limp a day or so ago. I've had horses for dang near all my life and NEVER have had any medical problems. her legs aren't swollen or hot. it's her front right. when I cleaned her foot there was a some slight green/brown drainage in between the hoof wall. I don't know how to describe her limp, it more like tip-toeing or just slight favoring. I picked it out and brushed the dirt away with a wire brush and poured iodine on the spot that oozed.

I think I am going to do the iodine and epsom salt pastey thing in a diaper wrapped with duck tape (per DVM and some neighbors)....the vet said to do that but I don't know how often I should change dressings and what signs I'd be looking for either improvement or worsening....and I am open to any and all suggestions!
As soon as it starts to drain you will see some pain relief , change the dressing every couple of days if it stays on that long. Most will try to soak once a day and change it out then. A little bute will make them a bit more comfortable. Some look better in about 5 days or so , some can take longer. evaluate that after not having any pain meds for a day and see what they look like

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