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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
pros and cons..looking at a 14k kohler with a 200 amp auto transfer box lp

I think the 14k is enough..ive got 3 fridge and the a/c is all I gotta have. it diverts power if I need to run the well or something..

whos got one..hows it holding up and how much fuel does it use..

haven't had an outage in a long time but I got my tax return back and I think its a good investment

I know some of yall got em being as remote as most of us are
I have Generac GUARDIAN 22KW GENERATOR connected to 1,000 gallons of propane.

how wold is it and how has it held up for ya...the tanks will be my next deal. was hoping to use a 100 gal or so next to it....uses about 3lbs an hr at half speed
Why not buy a blue one with welding leads? Seems like a better "investment" if it was something you'd actually use? When our power goes out, we just plug the Miller Bobcat in and we are back in business.
I bought an 8K Generac gasoline model this past fall...Northern had them on sale.

I still have not put gas in it yet....as we did not lose power this winter....

I had one this size a couple of decades ago and it would nearly pull the whole house....

we have been skimping by on a 4k for several years...it will pull the vitals....freezers and refrigerator and the wifes tv and the water pump...
We have a 6500 and the only thing it won;t run all at the same time is the electric water heater. That includes, freezer, frig, tv, satellite, computer tv, microwave lights and well.
The only thing to watch out for is to insure that the cycles are reliable. If it varies much from a true 60 cycle it can cause problems with some equipment. Might also want to verify the voltage to insure it stays consistant
im have all that redneck git by crap. i have 2 tied into my panels already but not a standby. I want it to run if im not home and cant get there.

whos been without power for over 3 weeks. when ya need to run the well and the freezers and keep fans going in 100 degree heat and 98% humidity a lot of problems crop up that you wouldn't think about..

im not interested in getting up at all hrs of the night to refuel a portable that could very well be burning up my fridge or computers or when im charging my phone. a very real possiblilty nowadays.

i wanted some feedback on whats good..who has the least problems ..best service kinda thing.
im not unprepared kids..i just want to be better prepared
I've had a Generac 22KW for two years now and am well pleased. My house is all electric. I wanted something in the 16-17KW range but was talked out of it by the salesman. I'm glad I did because I can hear it load up when my A/C kicks on. Also, my wife is one who thinks if you have a receptacle and a wire to plug in, it should work. I have it hooked to a 250 gal propane tank and was told it should run approx 2 weeks on that, but my supplier has promised me he could respond within 24 hrs or less if needed.
One thing you want to check is what is furnished with the package. A big cost is the panel/auto switch. In my case I got the 22k w/switch for about the same price of a 17K w/o switch and having to purchase switch separately. My installer advised me too order my unit online and pay him to install it. The sale prices change monthly. No tax and free freight to your home.
Lastly, I love it. I have already been saved with a 10 hr outage when I was not home. Worth it not to have to fill those gas tanks every often. PM if you have questions.
that's the kind of input Im looking for...no probs with the generac..they were kinda shady when they first came out but I think they've beat that rap...the 20k with the 200 a but not the load switcher thing. I can get installed for less than 4500 I think
If you don't put an auto load switch you won't be protected when away from home. This matter to me because we are sometimes away for 4-5 days. I picture the power going out for two days, everything in the freezer melting then power comes back on and refreezes the food. You come home and the only thing you notice is the clocks are wrong. Eating refrozen food could get someone very sick.
Your installation sounds expensive to me. I'll check my records and get back to you.
that's the unit im looking at.. figure I can do all of it cept im not sure kohler says a tech has to start it in order to keep the warranty...id like to have someone do it locally turnkey for about 5k$[/quote]

Check your PM's
I just can't see the upfront cost when our electric grid is so reliable.
Have used the diesel generator twice to run the house in the last ten years both times after a hurricane. Thirty days after Rita. Wouldn't have mattered you couldn't get fuel for weeks that is the reason for a 500 gallon diesel tank.
I guess you can say I have a poor mans Miller bobcat to run my welding machines on the place.
I know nothing of Kohlier generators other than our water maintenance guy turns red and cusses them with a vengeance about warranty and parts.
Both our community wells are backed up on generators.
I've never been without power for 3 weeks of total power outage in 41 years. An hour here, 3 hours there, and maybe 15 years ago we were out for 2 days. From that storm KCP&L realized they needed a program to trim and maintain trees near overhead lines and have done an excellent job at keeping them clear.

My Miller welder has spent WAY-WAY more time welding pipe fence then keeping appliances running. But then, I'm in Kansas!
12 days was the longest we were without. Our generator worked fine the whole time, 24/7
We have an 18K Generac. It is hooked via transfer into our main panel. It runs on propane from a 500 gallon tank. We might use 250 gallons a year and we also heat our water with it. We are out of power a lot because we are way out and at the end of the line. It have it set up to test itself 10 minutes a week. It is auto if the power goes out. Very pleased with it, 8 years old.
Are Generacs still horribly loud/noisey? I had one years ago and even in the house with the doors and windows closed you could here it intrusively from 50 feet away. I've stayed clear of them ever since.
Mine is setting 3 ft from my bedroom wall and it purrs like a kitten. Can hardly hear it. The new enclosures are well insulated with soundproofing. We had high winds and tornado watch all day today. Lost power at noon and didn't get it back until after 5. Sure was nice to have power without any effort to rig up and fuel. I even worked in my shop which is powered from the house. It will even power my welding machine. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner!
estimates to install total system as I don't have a fuel supply..propane tank..are close to 14k..thats not gonna happen....

I found a brand new one in the box on craigslist. gonna check the dta plate and research it then go back and get it if it checks out..3000 cash.. once I get it on a pad ill have a guy from the plant wire n the auto switch and until I get a something else ill run a portable 100 gal tank standing next to it..itll hafta do....

I can pour a pad and set it...get it wired in and going....then worry bout a giant tank...at this point id like to get it going but really...14k I can just throw the meat out

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