Whole corn while on pasture?

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In the last four years I have made major changes for my own feeder cattle. I started with a dirt lot, wooden bunks and 5 gallon buckets. One muddy winter of carrying 15 buckets a day and my knees said NO WAY. 2nd winter I rented a concrete yard, still wood bunks, and buckets. 3rd yr, concrete bunks and Schuler wagon. Present time , I have an Auggie TMR wagon, measure buckets into the loader bucket, dump that into the TMR with corn silage and away I go.

A feed lot I consult for fed 1000's of cattle over the years with an auger wagon and wooden self feeders.
I am trying to get my wife carry the 5 gallon buckets. If I fail, which mechanized system is most profitable?
I am trying to get my wife carry the 5 gallon buckets. If I fail, which mechanized system is most profitable?
With a little practice you can get really good at dumping just a little bit of shell corn out of the loader bucket at a time.
Or carry the five gallon buckets in the loader bucket.

I absolutely love my Knight Little Auggie. It mixes well. It will feed just grain, but works better with silage in the mix. I can run it with a 65hp tractor.

Usually once a year I break down and buy a bucket of JD hydraulic oil. They have the best five gallon buckets.
You guys are a riot!
I only feed out 2-5 steers/year. Only my fall born males because summer is the only time I have an extra lot to feed them out.
So, yes, we use a 5 gallon bucket to feed them out of the grain bin. Wean our Sept/Oct calves around March. Butcher in October 12-13 mo old..

Gain? hmm. I guess I am a poor manager. I don't really have a "goal" of weight. I feed according to my "eye" of their condition. My goal is to feed their potential growth - without putting excess fat on my heifers. I need to keep them in about a 6 BCS because they have no protection during our brutal winters. But, I watch their udders. Don't want ANY fat in their udders. That ruins their milk production for life.
I will raise the WSC to maybe 6#/hd/day just prior to our 60 day breeding.
Yes, I show cattle, but NO, I do not believe in getting heifers pig fat. Not worth a ribbon.
Generally, I can separate my smallest heifers from the larger ones for a couple months before I bring up my calving cows. I will feed the lighter ones a little better than the heavier/better conditioned ones. Usually the youngest or ones from 1st calf heifers. There is never much difference in size because their is only 60 days age difference. But those early January's can be quite a lot bigger than the late February's.

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